Sunday, September 30, 2012

Welcoming Sandesh to the Family

This handsome young man is Sandesh. He is from India. He's 9 years old. And he's now a part of my family!

The first time I saw his photo, I fell in love with instantly. I love everything about him: The way his hands rest calmly on his legs, the kind, serene look on his face, his handsome outfit, even his hairstyle. I knew that I needed to sponsor him. I also knew that there was no way that I could do it on my own. Not enough money in the month.

Two weeks ago, I posted him on my blog trying to find him a sponsor. No deal.

I posted him on Our Compassion asking for people to help me. I basically told them that I knew that I was meant to sponsor Sandesh, but I wouldn't have the monthly money until May, when I get my yearly raise.

The wonderful community of people there responded amazingly! I had four people offer to pay a little money towards his sponsorship so that I can sponsor him for the next four months with no problems.

I decided that I could probably get even more help from my wonderful blog readers. So, if you're feeling in your heart that you want to help me out for the next 8 months, until I have extra money, I would really appreciate it.

You can use the Chip-In Box at the top of my blog to donate some money. You can also go to this link to get to the same place: Sponsorship of Sandesh

If you cannot donate any money, could you pray prayers of Thanksgiving for those who choose to help out. No good deed goes un-noticed by God and all of you guys are just wonderful!

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