Monday, September 10, 2012

Two First Letters!

Today I received two wonderful letters. These were two first letters from two of my most recent sponsored children.

One letter was from my Celeste in Honduras. I sponsored her on June 5th. So, a little over three months to receive her first letter.

The other letter was from Yonas in Ethiopia. I sponsored him on July 22nd, so it only took 6-7 weeks to receive his first letter. Wow.

Both letters were the typical About Me intro letters, but I still love them. Tons of information in one fell swoop! Here are the letters:


Date: 7-10-12

My Name: Celeste
I am a: Girl
My Age: 10
I live in a: Village
I live with: My grandparents and brothers
My favorite color: Purple
My favorite food: Rice with chicken and baleadas (wheat tortillas)
My height: 1.27 meters (About 4' 2")
My weight: 65 pounds
My eye color: Dark Brown
What I like most about me: My hair

What I love to do: I like to read the bible and other important books and play dolls with my classmates.

Questions to my sponsor: How's your health? I would like to know you a little bit more. I would like to know if you have children, if you are married. Do you live with your parents. How's the weather in your country?

Celeste also drew me this adorable picture:


Date: 8-8-12
Dear Kayla,
Yonas greets. He is doing good. He is thankful for your kind response to support him.
My Guardian: Almaz (Aunt)
My Sister and Brothers: Bedlu
My Best Friends: Samuel & Anuwar
Best Game: Cycling
Best Food: Soup
Best Pet: Horse
Best Bible Story: Noah
Best Color: Red
Best Song: My Eyes on Heaven
Best Holiday: Ethiopian New Year
I Live: In a Town
When I Grow Up, I Want to Be: A Scientist
Message for my sponsor: Yonas, your child lives in Jimma town with his aunt. He is in grade 3.
Questions for my sponsor: He wants to know about your country and current situation.
Please pray that: Pray for his family and good health


  1. WOW!!! What an incredibly gorgeous photo of Celeste!!! Did it come with this letter, or did Amanda take it for you??? Love, love, love it!!! I love hearing that she loves to read important books... :o) And I love Yonas favorite song title, "My Eyes on Heaven." I'd love to hear him sing it, wouldn't you?!?!! :o)

    1. It was one of the pictures that was taken of her on her home visit in June. Amanda didn't take it, but it made it's way back to me. Isn't she so pretty?!

      I would absolutely love to her Yonas sing that song. I know his letters are written in Amharic, but I've never heard that language spoken before. It would be lovely.

  2. Celeste is a sweetheart! Yonas wanting to be a scientist is wonderful! What a great dream!

    1. I know! I better get started on thinking of science related things to send him.

  3. I got my first letter from my Angie today. Her message to me was almost the exact same as Celeste's message to you! Ha! They must've had some help or something ;) I love mail days!