Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sponsor a Child With Compassion International

Good day my faithful blog readers!

I started my walk with Compassion International last December. I had already been sponsoring two children with another organization when a friend of mine introduced me to Compassion's correspondent program. I knew that I could not necessarily afford to sponsor another child at that time, but I had room in my heart for another child and writing to one is exactly what I needed to do.

Since then, my Compassion journey has taken off! I now have three children that I sponsor through Compassion:

My Beauty Queen Celeste. I saw her on my friend Amanda's blog and I just had to sponsor her. She looked so sassy in her photo with her hands on her hips and he head cocked to the side. I instantly knew that she was meant to be mine.
My Bright Eyed Boy, Yonas. I started to feel like I was meant to sponsor again and I began to pray about what direction I was meant to go. God began to throw details at me, over the span of a couple of weeks. Boy. 8-10 years old. Ethiopia. Big Eyes, Bright Clothing. I finally signed on to the website and searched specifically for an Ethiopian boy in his age group. Yonas popped up and I didn't even think about it. I had to sponsor him.
And My Confindent Boy, Sagar. Just recently, I found out about a project in India that is located smack dab in the middle of a red light district. Basically, that means that the main occupation in this area is sex work. Women are prostitues, men are pimps and sex traffickers. Both girls and boys are stolen from their homes to work in this industry. I requested 5 packets of boys from this project. Sagar was the first boy I pulled out of the envelope. I prayed about it and I honestly am trusting in God to provide the money each month. I just couldn't pass Sagar up.
Man, I love sponsoring these children so much. For only $38 a month, I help provide them with nutritious meals, clean water, a quality education, healthcare, and spiritual learning (bible classes, sunday schools, VBS, etc).
My all time favorite part of sponsoring is getting to write these kids letters and to receive letters back from them. The relationship that forms is just amazing. I am beyond blessed to be able to know and love these children.
Have you ever been curious about sponsoring a child, but haven't know where to start? Well, I've found that prayer is a great place to start. If you visit this page, Compassion International (you can also find this page by clicking on the Sponsor a Child box on the right side of my blog), you will see page of children who are waiting for sponsors. Pray for them. Pray that they will find loving sponsors, pray that they will know the love of Jesus, pray that they will know that they do count in this world and that they do matter.
These kids do matter.
If you feel yourself drawn to sponsor one of the children you see, you will not regret it. Sponsoring a child is certainly an adventure.

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