Monday, September 24, 2012

Letters from India Mail Call!

Oh my goodness, remember six months ago or so when I was whining that I wasn't getting any mail? Haha, well that's all certainly changed now, hasn't it. I get mail so often and I love it!

I want to start with a dear first letter. I got my very first letter from my Indian princess, Sadiya. This is a wonderful letter. Typical first letter in the aspects of her listing her family and favorites, but then the message to me is just wonderful. She wrote the first half (family and favorites) herself, in English! The message to me was written by a tutor. Here we go:

Hello, I am: Sadiya

Mother's Name: Mrs. R
Father's Name: M.
Brothers: Vasim, Simbar, Shakil
Sisters: Chutki

Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Game: Rope Jump
Favorite Food: Rice and Potatoes
Best Friend: Preeti (What a great name!)

My House is Made of: Bricks

Dear Sponsor Kayla,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, on behalf of Sadiya. She is very happy by knowing that she got sponsorship. The family of her are so happy to know that you have chosen her to sponsorship. They extend their heartful thank for your kindly nature. She is pretty and cool natured, loving girl. She attends all the activities which conducted here and very regular and punctual too. She wanted to know more about you for the best relation. She is studying in the school, most probably she is going to appear at her first exam in September. Please to pray for her study and family. They may know God and be blessed.


I am so excited to have a cool natured, loving, punctual girl in my life. I just know we're going to build a great relationship!

This next letter is my absolute favorite. It's from my love, Kalpesh. I sent him $25 in February for his birthday. He received the money in May. This letter tells me what he bought with the money and the things he says give me goosebumps and just make me love him even more. I'm going to put my favorite sentence in bold because it's another sentence that sums up why I sponsor children.

I bought two pairs of jeans, a t-shirt, innerwear, and hankercheif as my birthday gift. I receive these in the month of May, 2012.
I like it very much, because few months before my dad is passed away and my mom is only bread winner and we are four siblings, so I can't expect more from my mom. We are living happily with which we have.
But God is great. Through you, He has blessed me.
Praise the Lord and thank you very much for your love and support for me and my family. Wishing you may have good health and God bless you.
With Lots of Love,


Love, Love, Love, Love, Love.

I'm linking this post up to Michelle's Mail Call Monday, over at Blogging From the Boonies . Visit her page to hear about her mail, as well as letters from other people who also have mail to share!


  1. It is so humbling when kids buy clothes as their birthday gift. He sounds SO thankful! I'm glad you were able to help him!!

    1. I love that he bought clothes, too. Also kids love new clothes. I'm pretty happy.

  2. Wow! Kalpesh's letter is spectacular. He seems so mature for his age, handling his father's death in such a strong way. I pray you will continue to impact each others lives through letters. (By the way, I feel right at home on your blog site, I LOVE the book background!)

    1. All of Kalpesh's letters are so amazing! He's a great writer and he's always so mature and intelligent. I just know that he's going to do great things in his life and he's only 10!

  3. Oh, Kalpesh's letter made me tear up! His story just rips my heart into pieces, and yet it seems it has made him such a loving, humble, and grateful young man.

    1. It breaks my heart too! To make it worse, his mother moved to a completely different city to work, taking his two brothers with her. Kalpesh and his sister (they are both enrolled in Compassion) were left with his uncle and aunt so they can continue to attend the project. He doesn't see his mother very often.