Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Two Letters from My Abu

Another rocking day at the mailbox yesterday. I got two letters from Sierra Leone, from my handsome boy, Abu. His letters are always so full of love. One of his letters came with a completed coloring page I sent him. Exciting and so cute!



I told Abu about my trip to Texas to visit my friend Rosie. This is his reply.

Dear Kayla,

Abu and grandparents say thank you so much for your love shown to them all, not only to Abu.

They have heared of your travels always and by plane, which they have not seen boldly with their eyes.

Seeing the face of Rosie brings joy to them. They pray that the relationship between you, your family, Rosie, and her family are like a circle but larger. (Yeah...I have no idea what this means).

Abu will soon be on summer holidays with his friends. He hopes to gain promotion to a new class.

He sends his greetings to Rosie and family and all your family too.

Once more, Abu and grandparents say thank you and wish you good luck.



I asked Abu about how he spent his 10th birthday. This is his response.

Dear Kayla ,

Abu and grandmother say thank you for the postcard and stickers you sent for Abu. His friends and himself love to play with any toy you send for him. Same way with the toy stickers, which they say are lovely.

On his birthday his grandmother cooked a lot of rice with cassava leaves sauce and groundnut soup, which they ate and then danced the whole day at home. (What a great way to spend his birthday!)

For the summer plans, Abu to send you Abu's picture and the result of his school report for this year (World Vision told me this report was sent in June. I still haven't received it. I didn't receive last year's progress report at all. I hope it comes since he actually mentioned it).

Schools will be closed in July for the summer holidays. He hopes to get promotion to a new class.

It is raining here and Abu's grandmother, like any farmer, is busy working on the rice farm. They say thanks to you.


Here's the artwork Abu sent me!



  1. Oh I love his lettes :) Very expressive, but I can't help with the circle thing either haha

    1. You're right, his letters are always so wonderful. When I first started sponsoring him, he had just turned 6 and his letters were mainly about the weather and didn't come very often. Now they are getting so great now that he's 10 years old. I love my "little" man!

  2. What sweet sweet letters! I love getting letters from our Compassion children.


    1. I agree! Letters from sponsored children are the best!