Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sponsored Children's Family Situations

Lately, I've been re-reading all of my sponsored childrens' profiles because for some reason, I haven't paid much attention to their family situations. Who takes care of them and what job these guardians have in order to provide for their kids. I was amazed at what I've found. The poverty and hardship these children live with is just heartbreaking. I hope that I can help these kids in any way that they need.

I want to share with you about each of my children's family and living situation. It may not be something that you're too interested in, but I want the information here as a reminder to me. Whenever I feel like life is rough, I just have to look back at this entry to realize how blessed I am. I will start with my three World Vision boys and then move onto my seven Compassion kids. Both organizations provide different information (Compassion puts it on the child's info page, I've had to learn the information through my World Vision kids' letters.)

Abu-Bakarr lives with his grandmother. His grandmother is unemployed and struggles to take care of Abu. Abu's letters always come with a message from his grandmother who is so unbelievably happy that Abu has someone to take care of him. Every picture that I've gotten from Abu-Bakarr shows him as this super skinny, unhealthy looking boy. I know that he doesn't get enough food and I wish there was more I could do.
Xhuliano lives with his mother, father, and two younger sisters. His father is a construction worker and his mother is a farmer. I can't imagine that either of those things make very much money, especially to support and raise three children. I wish I knew more about his family.
Florenc lives with his parents and his younger brother. His father is a farmer who does not make much money. His mother is very ill and has had three kidney surgeries already and will most likely need a kidney transplant. Florenc told me is mother "is an invalid" and he helps with the household chores. Life must be very difficult in his home.
Eric's guardian is just his mother. His parents are divorced and his father is not in the picture at all. No support from him in any way. Eric struggles in school and is only in 4th grade, even though he's 17 years old. His mother works as a peasant farmer and only make $5 a month to support her two sons. $5 a month! I can't even imagine.
My buddy Kalpesh lives with his aunt, his uncle, and his younger sister. His father died last year and caused his family to split up due to financial hardship. Kalpesh's mom and his two brothers moved away to find work. Essentially, Kalpesh lost both parents in a very short time. He is always asking me to pray for his family. Kalpesh's mom works as a day laborer when she can find work and only makes $41 a month. She sends money to Kalpesh's aunt and uncle each month.
Sadiya lives with both of her parents. Her father works as a tailor and makes about $60 a month. Her mother does not work and earns no money. The regional diet in her community consists of apple, oranges, and biscuits. That's it! How soon until malnutrition sets in? I am so glad that Sadiya gets to go to the Compassion project and get healthy meals. I'm worried about the rest of her family.
Sagitaria lives with both of her parents. Her father works as a fisherman and makes about $42 a month. Her mother is unemployed and maintains the household.
Yonas lives with his aunt. His father died and his mother moved away from Yonas and is no longer supporting him in any way. Yonas's aunt is unemployed and does not earn any money. I just have no idea how she takes care of Yonas. How do you care for a child with no money at all? My heart breaks for this boy.
Celeste lives with her grandmother and brother. Her parents are divorced and she no longer has any contact with her mother. Her father supports her by sending money to her when he can. Celeste's grandmother does not work and makes no money. I pray that Celeste's father sends enough money to support this family.
My teddy bear Sagar lives with his mother. His father is no longer alive. His mother works as a housemaind and earns about $30 a month to support the family. Sagar is growing up in a red light district where most people work in the sex industry, either as prositutes, pimps, or sex trafficker. No child should ever have to live like that. I shudder to think what kinds of things he sees and hears and experiences on a daily basis. My heart breaks when I think about it.
If you were keeping count, I have seven kids that don't have a father who is actively in their lives. I find this fact just astounding.
In the words of my friend Ali, "Where there is common brokenness there is room for empathy and connection."
God certainly knows what he's doing, doesn't he?


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