Monday, October 1, 2012

Kalpesh's 2nd Birthday Gift of the Year

Hahaha. Funny title.

Anyway, I got another thank you letter from Kalpesh today. It appears that his financial sponsor (honestly, sometimes I forget that Kalpesh isn't my sponsored child) also sent him a birthday gift. He was able to buy more things for his birthday. Two birthday gifts! I wish I could talk to his financial sponsor and thank him/her for sending Kalpesh money. It probably makes Kalpesh feel even more loved, which is he definitely is.


I bought a raincoat, a bag, cream and body spray as my birthday gift, which you sent to me. I received it in the month of June 2012. I like it because previously I had no raincoat or bag. I was keeping my clothes on a rope and I was keeping my books somewhere. (I'm curious where he kept his books before, haha). But now, I can keep everything neatly in a bag. Very soon monsoon will be start and I can be able to wear raincoat in rainy season. Thank you very much for the gift and your love.
With Love & Regards,


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  1. ROFL... I love the "somewhere" hahaa!