Friday, September 28, 2012

God Provides (I Won!)

Remember last week when I posted about my Pinterest board that I made about Compassion and my sponsored children? Well, that board was part of the Compassion blog month contest. Each repin of the Compassion blog pin got me an entry into the contest to win money for my sponsored child.


I WON!!!!

I got a phone calling tell me that I won one of the first prizes! $100 for one of my sponsored children. I wasn't able to answer the phone because I was at work, but I checked the message they left on my phone. I had to listen to the message twice because I just couldn't believe it.

I decided that the money will go to Sagar. My lovely new boy from the Miraj Red Light District in India.

I wonder how he will spend the money.

Will he buy clothes?


School Supplies?

School Tuition?

I don't know how he will spend it, but I do know one thing: This money will change his life.

$100 USD goes a very long way in India. When I sent $25 to another one of my Indian children, he was able to buy two pairs of jeans, a shirt, underwear, and a hankerchief. That was $25. Sagar will get $100.

Another perk to this contest win? $100 will get me a picture of Sagar with what he bought. Amazing!

I can't wait.