Friday, April 14, 2017

Five Letters Into April

After the huge letter success of last month, I was expecting less letters this month and I was correct. I have received five letters so far this month and that is still such a blessing. Five letters from five beautiful children. It doesn't get much better than that.

First up, I received an introduction letter from one of my newest girls, Kamaldine. Learning this first bit of information from a child is always so great. It feels as if the relationship has truly begun with a first letter.

Kamaldine is 5 years old and lives in Burkina Faso. Her letter is dated March 25th, 2017.


1. My Father: Ismael 
2. My Mother: Balquissa
2. My Brothers: Mohammad 
4. My Sisters: None 
5. Caregiver's Name: Ismael 
6. Others: Haimouna (Grandmother) 

7. Favorites: 
Food: Mixed Rice 
Color: Yellow
Activity: Songs
Animal: Ox

8. My project is 1 km from my house

9. I got to my project by: Motorcycle 

10. I go to my project on: Saturday 

Hello dear supporter! I am very glad to write to you. I attend school but now we are on break. I attend primary school grade 1 and I had 9.25 out of 10 as an average grade. It is warm here and there is a dry wind too. I play in my home with my friend Cheiok who I love a lot because he is too kind to me. I have a friend at school called Nafi. I sincerely greet you. 


Now a letter from Kwizera Yves. I just heard from him last month, so another letter is great. I have been receiving letters less than every two months from many of my children lately. This is a wonderful improvement over waiting many months before the new system switched over. This new system keeps proving itself over and over again.

Kwizera Yves is 12 years old and lives in Rwanda. He wrote this letter on April 8th, 2017. It took mere DAYS to get to me, as I received it earlier this week.


Dear Kayla, 

Beloved sponsor who I love very much. I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ. My family and I love you and we pray for you. May God bless you. It has been raining here in Rwanda. At school I obtained 56% marks and we are in holidays for the 1st term. We will soon start the 2nd term. Thank you for the photos and for telling me that you celebrated Christmas at home. We celebrated our Christmas at the project. We ate and prayed. Thank you for the questions you asked me. My favorite fruits are oranges. My favorite vegetable is cabbage. My favorite food is rice. On a sunny day I play soccer and on a cold day I put on warm clothes and sleep. My favorite sport is football. I am pleased that you told me about Mulwa. I am pleased that we share the same sponsor. Does Mulwa like to pray? Thank you. 



Next, a letter from Jhojaira who has turned into quite a chatterbox. :) 

Jhojaira is 13 years old and lives in Peru. Her letter is dated Marh 4th, 2017. 


Dear Sponsor Kayla, 

I greet you in the name of Jesus. I hope you are in good health. I'm happy to receive your letter and pictures. I want to tell you about my Christmas. We had steak and we played the secret family gift exchange. We also celebrated my birthday and we had cake and pork and chicken. We went to different touristic places. We also celebrated New Year's. We made a person doll and we burnt it at midnight. It symbolizes an old person and the best is yet to come in the new year. Then we shot a lot of fireworks and drank hot chocolate and ate cake. I enjoyed every moment because I was with my family. I send greetings to your family wishing you blessings and a happy 2017. I say bye with kisses and hugs. 



Then I will share a letter from Brian, who appears to not have been feeling very chatty when he wrote this letter. Just the basics and then it was off to hang out with his friends, if I had to guess. 

Brian is 15 years old and lives in Kenya. His letter is dated February 25th, 2017. 


Dear Kayla, 

Receive warm greetings in Jesus name. I am hoping that you are fine. My family is fine and God has been protecting us. How is your family? In our country, the weather is sunny and cold. How is the weather in your country? I am so glad because God has protected me and I am able to see another year. Before I wind up, I have a memory verse I want to share with you. It is Psalm 121. It says, "I will look up to the mountains. From where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth." Thank you for the letter that you wrote to me and for your support. May God bless you. 



And to end, another great letter from my pal Gary. I haven't been writing to him long but his letters are great! It's almost as if he has just been waiting for somebody to write to, to share his thoughts with. I am so glad to have him in my life. He is such a great young man.

Gary is 16 years old and is from Nicaragua. He wrote this letter on February 9th, 2017.


Hello Dear Sponsor Kayla, 

Gary greets you. Thank you for the sponsorship and for all the blessings you give to me. I thank you for the letter you sent me. It made me so happy. I spent Christmas with my family. I went to the park with my friends and visited my dad. I had a good time and they took us to a place called "Playa Gigante". I had a good time there because we swam and we ate. I am beginning a new school year and ministry. I am excited because there are going to be new guys who I will join with and make new friends. How did you spend Christmas? How has your health been? I would like to know, how old are you? I pray for you and I ask you to pray for my mom and my family. I say goodbye with love and affection, asking God to take care of you all the time. 



Thursday, April 13, 2017

Anthony's Easter Update: 2017

Another one of my Manna boys got his Easter photo update! I have three more photos to go from my boys who attend the El Tablon center. Those photos will all arrive on the same day and then I will post them here. So be on the look out!

Sweet Anthony is the baby of my family, at just two years old. He is looking so adorable!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Brayan's Easter Update: 2017

I am so happy to post this today! I just got these new photos about an hour ago, but I couldn't wait to share them!

Brayan, one of the sweet boys I sponsor through Manna 4 Lempira has some Easter updates. All of the children from his community, Mi Betania, was given updates. I'm not sure if the other two communities got photo updates, as well, or not but if they did, those photos haven't been posted yet.

Anyway, I was able to send Brayan a card with a few flat goodies. I sent candy, stickers, and a toy airplane. In these photos, you can see his new updated photo and then a photo of him holding the card I sent him. I can't help but feel overjoyed that he's wearing a robot shirt because the stickers I sent him were robot stickers!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Five More Letters to Share

I know that these long posts may not be entertaining to read, but I've been receiving so many letters lately (yay!) that I just don't have time to split them into smaller posts, because by the time they all post, I have received another large group of letters. I'm definitely NOT complaining about receiving large amounts of letters. Just sharing the facts. :) I am overjoyed to be hearing from my kids so often.

So without further ado, let's begin with a letter from Airin. She wrote this letter on the My Hopes for the Future template.

Airin is 7 years old and lives in Indonesia. Her letter is dated March 6th, 2017.


1. In the future, I hope to learn about: Making Cakes/Cooking

2. In the future, I hope to do the following activity: Skydiving 

3. When I grow up: I do want to go to university 

4. In the future, I hope to visit: America

5. In the future, I hope to meet: My sponsor 

6. When I grow up, I want to be a: Teacher 

Dear Mama Kayla, 

Thank you for your letter. I am so happy to read it. I am doing well here. I hope that you and your family are also doing well too. I am in grade 1 now. I am happy to play and learn with my friends. Please pray that I will be successful and make my parents proud of you. May Jesus's love bless us! 


Onto a letter from Rebecca. The more I hear from her and get to know about her, I think she is really Miss Personality. She seems to be quite a little leader. I look forward to watching her grow into a lovely young woman, if I am blessed with that opportunity. 

Rebecca is 9 years old and lives in the Philippines. Her letter is dated February 25th, 2017. 


Dear Ate Kayla, 

Good Day! How are you and your family? We are doing well here. How about your weather there? We always experience heavy rains here. I will always use what you said in your letter about spiritual armor. About the Christmas holidays, we had our Christmas party celebration at school. I was the Master of Ceremony and my partner was Jhon Wendell. It was a half day celebration. Each one of us brought food. We had parlor games also, after the party finished. I am happy and thankful upon reading your letters again. Thank you for giving time in writing a letter to me. On February 16th, 2017 I joined a math challenge contest at school but I don't know what our score is because we had to go home early due to heavy rains. In the learning center, we always study the Bible and we received a new bible. There will be more learning about God. Galatians 5:14, All the law can be summed up in the command to love others as much as you love yourself. 



Next up, a letter from Ayling, who I was definitely surprised to hear from again so soon. Lovely surprise, of course! She has a tutor help her write her letters still, but I think I am going to encourage her to write letters on her own, if she is able to. Tutors are great, but it's always great to see our kids' own handwriting. 

Ayling is 10 years old and is from Nicaragua. She wrote this letter on January 4th, 2017. 


Hello Dear Sponsor Kayla, 

Receive greetings from Ayling. She wishes that God may bless you. She thanks you for your sponsorship and the letter that you sent her. She wants to tell you that she is happy because she passed her grade and is now in 5th grade. She says she likes gardens and butterflies of different colors. She wants to know what is your favorite color? She wish that God may bless you. She hopes to hear from you soon. She fondly says goodbye. Her sponsor Jaqueline helped to write this letter. 


I have one more letter from a sweet girl and then we'll end with a young man. This next letter is from Sunrei, who I have also heard from very recently. It really seems like that any letters that were stuck in a letter traffic jam have made their way through. And I am loving that I am receiving letters written just a few short weeks ago. And this particular letter has some exciting news! 

Sunrei is 10 years old and is from Peru. Her letter is dated March 1st, 2017. 


Dear Godmother Kayla, 

I greet you with the love of Christ. I thank you for the beautiful letter you sent me. I tell you in this month we are in summer and it is 31 degrees. In the winter, it is 29 degrees, but very beautiful. I like the photos you sent. Your dog is hot right now. I love you a lot. I am going to the beach with my tutor and my classmates. The snow is beautiful in your country. In my project and at school I sing. I like to praise God. I am learning more things about God. In April, my mom is going to give birth. I am happy that I'm going to have a new sibling! I always pray hard for you in every moment, for God to take care of everything. What is your favorite verse? I wish to pray for my family, for their spiritual life. I close with love. 



And like I said, we end with a young man, a letter from Gary. He had so much to say in this letter. I always have the chattiest teen and young adult boys! His photo cracks me up because I think that he has a beautiful smile in there somewhere! 

Gary is 16 years old and lives in Nicarauga. His letter is dated February 20th, 2017. 


Hello Dear Kayla, 

Greetings from Gary. I thank you for the present and for all the blessings you are giving me. I am happy to know that I am your sponsored child. First of all, I want to congratulate you for your birthday that is very close. I am 16 years old and my birthday is on November 27th. My favorite colors are pink and purple. My favorite meal is rice and beans with plantain chips, cheese, and salad. What I like most is to play football. I have two brothers and their names are Maycol who is 10 years old and Alexander who is 12 years old. My dad is called Daniel and my mom Carla. Well, where I live it is very happy. Thank God my family and I are in good health. I liked to know that you had a very good time with your friends from university and that you celebrated your grandfather's birthday together with your family. Well, you would like to know what my house is made of. It is made of zinc sheets and I live with my mom, stepfather, and brothers. I do sleep in my own bed. At home, we have no electricity and water is provided by one of our neighbors. The most common jobs in my neighborhood are shoe stores, grocery stores, sale of tortillas and nacatamales and the way to travel is by bus or car. What I like most about the project is that they do spiritual retreats. The typical foods in my community are rice, beans, cheese, tortillas, and nacatamales. A popular place in my community is Mrs. Coco's grocery store. I always pray for you and your family and I ask you to pray for me and my family. I would like to know, how is the weather in your country? Without more to say, I thank you for e everything. I say goodbye. 



Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Letters to My Kids: March 2017

I had plans last month to write to all of my kids 2 times and my newest kids a 3rd time. Well, that didn't quite happen. I seemed to have run out of month.

But, I did write to all of them at least once. Many kids got a 2nd letter. And then I received and replied to 39 letters last month! So, my kids were certainly not neglected, when it comes to letters.

Every child of mine got a short card talking about our final snow of winter. I took the children I nanny for outside to play in the snow and sent my Compassion kids some fun photos of the kids all bundled up, throwing snow and sliding around. Here is the short letter I sent:

Every once in awhile, I send lists of questions to my kids. You have probably seen these letters in the past. I have the lists of questions saved to my computer so that I can be sure each child receives every list over the span of me writing to them. I keep track of who has received which list, so that I don't send them again (though, I suppose I could always send them again and see how answers change). Anyway, there were about 15 kids that had no yet received this list of random questions, so I sent it to them. As well as asking the questions, I also answer them myself in the letter, so that they know more about me. 

Like I said earlier in the post, I also responded to 39 letters that were written to me. So, I suppose there are some lucky kiddos that got three letters written to them this month! 

What did you write about in March? 

Sunday, April 2, 2017

First Sunday Advocate: April 2017

Another month has come and gone. It's time to share with you a list of kids that are waiting for a sponsor. As you can see on my sidebar, I write to many children around the world. As soon as I am connected with a child, I am also connected to the project that that child attends. There are almost always children at these same projects that are waiting for sponsors of their own. My heart really reaches out to these kids and I post some of these children on my blog each month, in the hopes that they will fine a sponsor. Each month, I choose something fun (boys, girls, clothing color, etc) to sort these kids by.

This month, I chose to share children that all have beautiful smiles on their faces. For each child listed, under their picture, I have included age, name, country, and in parentheses, the child I have at that same project. You can find that child in my sidebar, click on their photo, and be taken to all of the blog entries about that child. There, you can read letters from that child in order to get a better insight into what life is like where those children live. Most of the children also have project/pastor letters for even more information about the project.

Each line of information is also a link to that particular child's page. You can click on that link to learn more about the child's family, interests, schooling, and to officially sponsor that child.

Here are the children looking for a sponsor this month:

Smiley Sunairy has been sponsored! 

Precious Yared also has a sponsor! 

Sweet Dixi has a sponsor now, as well! 

Friday, March 31, 2017

Favorite Activities from Colombia!

My Colombian kids used to write me faithfully every 2 months, but things have really been slowed down over the last year. I last heard from them 4 months ago and before then, it had been 5 months since the last letter. I hope that now that the updates are completed, things will start to improve.

However, if there is anything I appreciate about Colombia, it's that every project in the country (I have compared to other sponsors, as well) writes on the same topic each time. So, all three of these letters share about what my kids enjoy doing It's so great to know my kids this way.

First I will start with the letter from Jonatan. His letter is shorter than usual, but still has a few good items of information. Whenever one of my children write a short letter, I imagine them sitting at a table writing a letter, really wanting to go off and play or sing or do art or something else fun. I personally love it!

Jonatan is 9 years old. His letter is dated February 6th, 2017.


Dear Kayla, 

Beloved sponsor, may God bless you! I am very grateful to you for all the beautiful letters you send to me. In response to your last questions; I am doing quite well in school. I am very grateful to God that my parents are well. All my siblings are content and enjoying good health. In my free time, I enjoy playing on the tablet. I bid you farewell wishing you much success in your daily tasks. Sending lots of kisses and hugs your way. I want to give you the biblical promise in Nehemiah 8:10. 



Onto the letter from my little man Daniel, who attends the same project as Jonatan. He has always written long, detailed letters and I basically love everything about that. :)

Daniel is 11 years old and he wrote his letter on February 7th, 2017.


Dear Kayla, 

I send my greetings and a big hug for you and your family. Today I want to share about the activities I do for fun. In my free time I like to play soccer and dodgeball, and sleep in. Sports are among my favorite activities, such as swimming, jumping, and going for rides on my bike. I also take time to rest and relax, read, and sing. When I am here at the Compassion project, I like solving word search games, painting, making arts and crafts, playing musical instruments, and participating in the educational field trips. I usually spend most of my time with my siblings, close friends, and my family. When I'm bored, I watch television, usually a channel called Senal Colombia. One activity that I find to be a lot of fun is going down to the river to fish with my dad and my siblings. I want to thank you for all the letters you have written to me. You have a beautiful family and I pray for God to bless you each day. Please keep my family and me in your prayers, as well. This year I am studying at a mega school where there are approximately 8,000 students. In my classroom alone, there are 41 students. I want to share this bible verse with you: Isaiah 43:10. Farewell with a hug and a kiss for you, with much love and affection. 



And now I end with beauty. ;) A letter from Lina. She is a girl after my own heart telling me that her favorite activity is sleeping. I also love to sleep. I take a nap whenever I can snag one.

Lina is 18 years old. She wrote this letter on February 10th, 2017.


Dear Sponsor, 

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I hope that you and your family are well. I am very happy because my grandma came to spend Christmas with us. Changing the subject, I'd like to tell you that in my spare time I really like to read and listen to music. Those are just two of my favorite hobbies. I'd also like to tell you that my favorite activity is sleeping. I also want you to know that at the project, I really enjoy learning about God everyday. When I am outside the project, I really enjoy being with my friends. But what I like to do the most is play with my sister. When I am bored I watch TV. I'd like to tell you that I did great in school and made it to 11th grade. I ask you to please continue supporting me with your prayers so that everything goes well for me. I'd like to know, could you write a letter to my sister Luisa? Thank you for your monthly contribution and for the gift you send every year. I hope someday I can meet you personally. I want to ask you to please pray for my uncle because he is going through a difficult situation. I want to share with you Psalm 16:7-11. 



Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Letters from Five Chatty Boys

A few days ago, I wrote a post with an almost identical title. My girls had been chatting up a storm! Well, I guess my boys got jealous because since then, I have received a ton of letters from all boys. I will share five of them today. From youngest to oldest, let's begin!

I start with a letter from little Daniel. I am amazed because this is the 3rd letter I've received from him this year. As you know, it's only March, which happens to be the 3rd month of the year. Hearing from a kid once a month isn't bad at all. ;) This particular letter is written on the What I Like Best template.

Daniel is 7 years old and lives in Ecuador. He wrote this letter on January 18th, 2017.


1. The game I like most is: Soccer 

2. And this is how I play it: With a ball 

3. My favorite subject at school is: Mathematics 

4. Please pray for: My parents

5. I want to thank you for: Writing to me 

6. What I enjoy doing most with my family is: Going for walks

7. My favorite place to visit is: The circus because I can see many animals. 

8. I also want to say that: You are always in my prayers 


Now a letter from Bryan. After a long six month wait, this is my very first letter from him! His letter is written on the Festivals & Holidays template. 

Bryan is 8 years old and lives in Nicaragua. He wrote his letter on January 26th, 2017. 


1. Our National festivals/holidays are: Christmas 

2. My favorite festival/holiday is: Bible Day 

3. My favorite celebrates festivals/holidays by: Eating & Visiting Family 

4. At the project, we celebrate Christmas with: Food, Games, & Praying

5. My favorite food to eat during celebrations are: Stuffed Chicken 

Hello dear sponsor! I'm happy to count on your love and friendship. I hope God always blesses you. Amen. 


Onto a letter from Enmanuel. I was happy to hear all about Christmas celebrations in this letter! 

Enmanuel is 9 years old and is from the Dominican Republic. The letter is dated February 2nd, 2017. 


Dear Kayla, 

Hi! May God bless you. I am so grateful for all your letters you have sent me. They are very beautiful and I like them so much. You have such a beautiful family. May God bless you all a lot. Here in the center, we celebrated Christmas with a delicious dinner and my family made a special dinner too. I really like rice pudding with cinnamon. I have a toy car. I play with it at my friend's house. My favorite color is red. They are going to celebrate my birthday, even though the date is far away. We celebrate birthdays with cake, candy, balloons, and toys. I ask you to pray for my family. I say goodbye with love. 



Now we move onto teenagers who seem to think they don't need to draw me pictures anymore. Haha. This letter is from Lamayian, who I have been calling Daniel for a really long time now. I have asked him what name he likes to be called and he has finally answered me. 

Lamayian is 17 years old and lives in Kenya. This letter is dated February 25th, 2017. 


Dear Sponsor, 

I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ. I am doing well and God has really blessed me and my family. I am doing well in the project. I hope and trust that you are doing well with your family. I thank you for the letters that you have sent to me.  I am very happy to see them. I appreciate you for the support you support me from far up to today. I pray for you for all that you wish. I like to be called Lamayian, which means Blessed. I am happy to know that we like the same kind of food. I am encouraged by the lesson on Ezekiel who got a vision. I know through God we shall have great visions. I also saw the pictures of the athletes who are good in athletics. Goodbye. 


Last up, a letter from Nikko. His letters have moved my heart since the very beginning. He has always written from his heart and shares very well. I am touched by the fact that he thanks for me for supporting him, even though he didn't graduate from school. As if that could ever make me stop loving him. 

He appears to have gotten a large stack of letters from me all at the same time. There was obviously some kind of delay in his project getting letters delivered. That explains the fact that it's been over four months since I last heard from him. Nikko has often been one of my most dedicated writers. 

Nikko is 18 years old and lives in the Philippines. His letter is dated February 15th, 2017. 


Dear Ms. Kayla, 

Hello my friend! It's been awhile since I've written you a letter. I received many letters from you and also pictures. Thank you so much. I don't really know where to start with all of the questions you have on your letters. Let me first start from my Christmas celebration. I see you celebrated your Christmas with your family and it was a joyous one. About mine, I celebrated it with my family also. It was simple, with few food, but it was joyful. Thank you, by the way, my friend, for greeting me on my birthday. I heard it late, though, because of delayed letters, but I still appreciated it. Thank you also for sharing your stories. I feel sorry to you that I was not able to finish my studies. I thank you for understanding and supporting me still. Now I am glad to tell you that I have started a small business called Ukay-Ukay. It is selling used clothes from other countries. I'm glad I earn money to help my family. Today we are experiencing windy weather. Yesterday was Valentine's Day. What did you do yesterday? Please continue to pray for me here. 


Romans 5:8 "But God demonstrates his own love for us in this, while we were still sinners, Christ died for us." 


Saturday, March 25, 2017

Letters From Five Chatty Girls

You often hear me talk about my little boys, my big boys, my teen and young adult boys on my blog. Yes, it is true that I have more boys than girls in my sponsorship family. 

However, I have the pleasure to write to and get to know 25 beautiful girls from all around the world. Just like my boys, my girls write wonderful letters and I have received a slew of them over the last week. This will be another long post, as I share five letters with you. From youngest to oldest: 

First up, a letter from little Nicol. Her letter is written on the template titled How I Have Fun. 

Nicol is 4 years old and lives in Colombia. Her letter is dated February 7th, 2017. 


1. During free time, I like to: Watch TV and play with dolls. 

2. My favorite activity is: Painting

3. When I am outside, I like to: Go to the river 

4. When I am inside, I like to: Sing and pray 

5. I usually play with: My brother and my friends. 

6. When I am bored I like to: Be alone 

7. One fun thing I like to do is: Play in water 

Thank you for the letters you sent her. Her family is happy and grateful and your letters are beautiful. She liked to hear that you have a big family. May God keep you. We are praying for you. Nicol sends you a kiss and a big hug. She wants to share this verse with you: Jeremiah 31:3-7. 


Onto a letter from my very newest girl. I wasn't expecting to hear from her this soon, so that was a lovely surprise. And this letter was written less than three weeks ago! She wrote on the All About Me template. I'm a bit confused on her parents' names...

Marilyn is 7 years old and lives in El Salvador. Her letter is dated March 14th, 2017. 


1. My natural parents or guardians are: Santos and Santos. 

2. My favorite game is: Softball 

3. The color of my hair is: Black

4. My birthday is: December 15th, 2009. 

5. My brothers and sisters names are: Nelson and Evelin 

6. My favorite things are: Dolls

7. I live in the: Countryside 

8. My favorite food is: Beans and Cheese 

9. My favorite color is: Blue 

Dear Kayla, 

Marilyn greets you with care and hopes you are enjoying many blessings from our Creator. When she grows up, she wishes to be a nurse. She likes to go to the project very much. Her favorite bible story is about Abraham being put to the test. Her favorite subject is Science. Goodbye and she wishes you write again soon. She wishes you many blessings. 


Now a letter from Jhayra. I get a sense that her and I had a bit of a slow start when it came to letters getting started, but now I have received two in one month! 

Jhayra is 10 years old and lives in Peru. Her letter was written on February 15th, 2017. 


Dear Godmother Kayla, 

I greet you in the name of Jesus. Thank you for the photo, the letter, The Father's Love Letter, and for the Christmas card. I am glad that you take care of the kids. Surely you are talking to them about the word of God. Are you married? Surely God will give you a son or daughter. The Father's Love Letter was very beautiful. The texts were very beautiful. Thanks for the coloring pages you sent to me. I will cut them out and paint them and use them to decorate my room. I know it will look very cute. On the Christmas tree, I decorated many things. I tell you that I am at Baley Academy. I am on vacation, playing with my neighbors and attending the project. It is the month of February. I end with a strong hug and kiss. 



I am so happy to receive this letter from Ayling. I have been faithfully writing to her since the end of August and this is the very first letter I am receiving from her! I think that she is still getting me confused with her previous correspondent sponsor because she is asking me about my boyfriend, even though I have told her that I am single Oh well. We'll get there! 

Ayling is 10 years old and is from Nicaragua. Her letter is dated October 5th, 2016. I have no idea what took it so long to get here!


Hello Dear Sponsor Kayla, 

Receive greetings from Ayling. May God bless you. She says she is grateful to you for your sponsorship and photos. She wants to tell you that she went to celebrate birthdays last month and she spent them great at the pool. She says that she already has Jesus in her heart as John 1:12 says. She says that she has her Easter celebration in April. Her family and she go to church to commemorate the death of Jesus. She would like to know what bible story you liked when you were a little girl. Since when were you dating your boyfriend? She asks you to pray for her studies and her family. She prays for you. She fondly says goodbye. Her teacher Jaqueline helped her write this letter. 


And the last letter of the day is from Faith, who I call my grumpy-faced girl. Every photo I've received of her, so far, has her making an pretty sour face. I think it's adorable. :) 

Faith is 11 years old and lives in Kenya. Her letter was written March 4th, 2017. 


Much Greetings My Dear Sponsor, 

It is my hope that God has been protecting you. I am fine with my family members. God has been our helper. I am happy to inform you that I received your letter that you sent to me. I was very pleased for you remembering me. I thank God for how far he has taken me. We are almost towards the end of the first term of Grade 6. I am happy that I am doing well. Keep on praying for me so that I can continue doing well. I pass my warm greetings to your family members and friends. I love you very much.