Monday, April 30, 2012

Short, But Sweet Letter

I got another letter today from that sweet young Albanian boy, Xhuliano. It's not a long letter and it really doesn't say much, but it's so sweet and I love every part of it.

Dear Friend!

It's Xhuliano writing this letter. I was happy receiving your letter. Here, my friend, there is no snow, but it's a beautiful spring weather with flowers blooming.

For Easter we have a week off from school. Me and my cousins help my mother in the housework.

I also think that God created you, Kayla, and us all in order to do great good things. You are like a beautiful friend!

I wish you a happy Easter! I wish you were here in order to celebrate Easter together.

I would like to know more about you. I wish you to be in good health and a lot of happiness.

Lots of Love,

I think he likes the word beautiful. I also think we're friends! Haha. 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Meena Mail Call!

Oh my goodness, I got mail today! It's only been three weeks since I last heard from my beautiful Meena, but I have another letter from her.

I opened my mailbox and I saw one of those big Compassion envelopes. I wasn't sure what to think because I wasn't expecting any pictures and any money gifts I have sent have probably just now been received in the childrens' countries. So, of course, I ripped into the envelope really quickly. It was a THREE PAGE LETTER from Meena. Three pages! Also, the paper is decorated with some flowers stickers that I sent her. She's a sweetheart. Here's the letter,

Dear Aunty,

Loving greetings from your beloved Meena. I hope that you are all fine by His Grace. Like wise, we are also fine and doing well by God's grace and your prayers and support. I was very happy to receive six letters, photos, beautiful stickers, and coloring sheet from you. The umbrella stickers and the flower stickers are very cute. I am glad to know that you are getting ready for and will enjoy the Christmas season. God has blessed me a lot to say a few things. I am blessed to be in Compassion and greatly blessed with all the benefits. Further, my father didn't have a proper job. Now he earns enough to meet our household needs. Thank you very much for the verse John 16:33. I will surely try my best to follow. I also know that it's very true. I feel much grateful that you have known about our family. My favorite subject is history. I would like to say together with my friend, she is about to become a nurse. Yes, I love to play with my brother in free time, after studies. All the photos you sent are beautiful. Dudley is cute with funny costume. (I sent a picture of my dog in his Halloween costume). Your sister and yourself are very beautiful. My belated wishes to your sister Jordan (her birthday was in February). I also convery my wish to your friend Sarah (I told Meena that Sarah had recently sponsored a child). Your classroom looks very colorful and beautiful. I was really surprised to see my photo (I sent her photo to her). Thank you very much for sending these photos and stickers.

I am doing well in school and my brother is also studying well. I am very happy to know about the play you acted in (I told her that I was in the group of musicians for a musical). The picture in the letter was very cute. I think you are in the center and it's very interesting to see the other actors as well. I am very excited to hear about Santa Claus who is said to live in the North Pole. It's a thrill to know that children get their gift on Christmas morning from Santa Claus. I am very thankful to you for telling me the meaning of Christmas and the purpose of the Lord Jesus' birth on this earth. Yes, I have a close relationship with Jesus. I love to pray with my friends. Since we are from Hindu religion, I can't pray at home. But, I pray with my friends in Compassion. Further, in Compassion they conducted medical checkups and the doctor advised me to continue with the same tablet given for stomachache. I am also preparing well for the common exam that is about to take place on March 10th. I hope to score good marks in all subjects. It's my aim to become an Archeologist. Pray for God's guidance to reach my goal. I am about to go for a typing exam and hope to do well and score best marks. My parents and brother asked to convery their regards to you. You're always in my prayers. Closing with much love, hugs, and kisses.

Yours Lovingly,

Oh my goodness, this letter is wonderful. I learned so much about her!

Touching Thursday

Two of the three kiddos from last week's Touching Thursday have been sponsored! I'm going to keep praying for the little Bolivian girl who is still waiting. If you would like to sponsor her, you should check out the Touching Thursday post from a week ago.

Anyway, here are this week's three kiddos. Remember, if you sponsor a child through my blog, please leave me a message or email me at . I would like to send you a gift of some stationary and some stickers to send to your child and get your letter writing adventure off on a great start.

Jorge has been sponsored! God bless his life and the life of his family!

Jacky has been sponsored! I hope her sad face goes away very soon!

Last, but not least, we have a very handsome young man. His smile melts my heart. Gorgeous smile. Anyway, this is Aben. He is 11 years old and he lives in Indonesia. He lives with both of his parents and two siblings. His work in school is average and his favorite thing to do is play soccer. He helps at home by running errands. You can sponsor him here.  

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Birthday Boy!

Happy 10th Birthday Kalpesh!

I hope your day was absolutely wonderful. I hope you were happy and that you got the gift I sent you, along with the extra money I sent. I can't wait to get the picture in the mail and find out how you spent your money.

Also, I know your info/picture don't have to be updated until August, but I would love to have it sooner than that. Can you tell Compassion to work on that? Thanks!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Six Word Saturday

My Saturday is happening phases today. I thought I would share each phase in six words, you know, to keep things exciting.

Phase I: Bank, Post Office, Grocery Store, Lunch

Phase II: Doing Laundry, Cleaning Everything, Resting Up

Phase III: Party People, Pizza Eating, Going Out

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Touching Thursday

Another week, another three beautiful children that are looking for sponsors.

5-12-12. Miriam has been sponsored! Another beautiful child has a new friend and hope for a new life. God Bless you sweet girl!

Carlos has been sponsored! I hope his sponsor encourages this handsome young man who is above average in school to keep up the good work!

Dawens has been sponsored! Yay!!!!

If you sponsor one of these lovely children through my blog, please let me know in the comments. I like to send new sponsors, that sponsor after seeing a child on my blog, some stationary, stickers, and other fun things to send to their child. Writing is a super important part of sponsoring a child, and I want to encourage you to write to your new child. Let me know!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Birthday Gifts!

I am so excited this month because I get to send birthday gifts to two of my sponsored children who have birthdays in July. I always send gifts 2-3 months in advance, just in case. I think my kiddo in Albania will end up getting his gift early, but that's okay. My girl in India may end up getting hers late, but you know, better late than never.

Florenc will turn 13 on July 6th. I'm super excited to be sending him gifts. I just started sponsoring him last month and I haven't gotten any letters from him yet, but he's going to know how much he is cared for, I'm determined. I've never shopped for a 13 year old before and I had to ask a few people who I know have preteens what size their kids were. I think we have it figured out. I just hope he's not larger/smaller than average.

I got Florenc two shirts, which I love by the way! They were both on the clearance rack and I spent less than $10 for the two shirts. I also got him a soccer ball, which looks very small in this picture, it's a size 4 though, so it's not tiny. I also included a mini air pump with the ball, especially since I had to send the ball flattened to fit in the envelope.

I did actually get everything in a 10.5"x15" envelope. I have to admit that I was amazed! And the thing shut...with a little tape.

My beautiful Meena will turn 17 on July 16th. She is an absolutely wonderful young woman. I am so grateful to know her. She has such big dreams and is just so loving and happy.

Because I sponsor her through Compassion International, I can't send things like I can with World Vision, but that just gives me more excuse to be creative! Meena wants to be an archeologist when she grows up, so I decided to encourage her. I found a book that talks about the discovery of the dead sea scrolls and how amazing that was both for the world of archeology and for the world of Christianity. Granted, the book doesn't look so pretty anymore now that I tore out the staples and the front and back cover, but still, the information is there and the story is very interesting.

Other than the book, I also have some teddy bear stickers that are scented like honey! Awesome! And a birthday card, which I may or may not end up sending. I think I'm feeling like writing a letter instead.

I love sending things to my sponsored children!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friday, April 13, 2012

Another Round of Letters Out, One Letter In

I recently sent out letters to my sponsored children. I told my kids about one of my family's favorite activity, Baking Cookies! I took pictures of the process and sent those along too. I had a lot of fun with these letters!

I also got a very lovely letter from my lovely boy, Xhuliano. His letters are always so full of love and this one was no different.

Dear my friend Kayla,

I was very happy when I received your letter, the card, the pencil, and the stickers. We also celebrate Valentine's Day here in Albania. We give red flowers and we buy something that will remind of that day. Even me, my friend. 

I am very happy since the day I met a wonderful friend like you and I love you will my whole heart.  I think everyday for your family and for your health, like you think of me. I hope you to have a good time and to be every day happy in your life. I can't wait to know you better, my friend.

I love the crossword puzzle that you sent and I completed it and I thought about you that day. Thank you so much. Here we celebrate Teacher's Day, that is on March 7th. Hapyy March 7th, my friend! If you were here I would give flowers to you. 

With Love,

Every word from this boy goes straight to my heart. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Touching Thursday: Teenager Edition

God has given me a heart for older kids. That's just the way it is. Many people like to sponsor younger kids, so they can watch them grow up over the span of many years. I get this. I really do. The first kid I sponsored was only 5 years old when I started sponsoring him. However, lately, I've been paired up with and lead to many older kids and I have found out that they write amazing letters! They are old enough to write them themselves and they share many more details. Also, they typically have a career goal in mind and it's really fun to encourage them in these goals. So, for you this week, I have three lovely teenagers. Want to sponsor them?

4-27-12 Weli has been sponsored! Praise God!

4-27-12. Willinton has been sponsored too! I think somebody must have done a search for teenage boys because both Willi and Weli were sponsored at the same time. I am so happy for the person who did that!

4-18-12 Beautiful Pamela has been sponsored. What a wonderful gift for a young teenage girl!

If you choose to sponsor one of these children, please let me know in a message. I would love to send you some stationary and other fun things to start off your written letter relationship with your child!  

Monday, April 9, 2012

Sex is Sticky

Now before you shield your eyes or close your browser, this is not going to be rated X, I swear.

I was given a book a LONG time ago by a good friend. It's called Weird and it's written by Craig Groeschel. Basically, the purpose of this book is to let us know that in order to live our lives how God truly wants us to live, other people are going to think we're weird. Actually, they NEED to think that we're weird or we're trying to please the world.

I was doing really well reading this book, feeling really confident as I read through the sections on Time, Money, and Relationships. People already think I'm crazy because a majority of my time is devoted to prayer, going to church, and writing letters to six children that I've never met in person. People already think I'm crazy because I spend a crazy fraction of my paycheck on sponsoring these children. (Not to mention all the money I spend on sending them gifts). And people already think I'm weird because I've never had a boyfriend. I've honestly never met a guy who is as weird as I am. Somebody that would rather go to church every weekend than to the bars every weekend, somebody that understands that a large portion of my paycheck will always go to sponsoring children, somebody that loves God as much as I do and that will understand that God will always be first in my life.

However, when I got to the section on Sex, I got a little caught up. It probably goes without saying that since I've never had a boyfriend before, I've also never had sex before. I am 22 years old and I'm a virgin. Yes, it's true.

And for some reason, this has been bothering me lately. By lately I mean the last year or so, since my 22nd birthday.

It's mostly bothering me because I am the only person in my group of friends who has not had sex before. I'm not saying this in the way that a high schooler would say, "But everyone else is doing it!" as a way to get their parents to agree to something. I'm being serious. I am the only one in my group of friends that is a virgin. My friends are okay with it, but at the same time, they think I'm super weird. What kind of 20-something is a virgin? That's just weird!

They have convinced me that this is weird. On my 22nd birthday, my best friends and I made a plan that if I was still a virgin on my 23rd birthday, we would find somebody for me to have sex with just to "get it over with."

Romantic, right?

Well, now that I am just about two weeks away from my 23rd birthday, I think I got to this part of the book just in time. The author has a passage that really got to me. I've heard things similar to this over and over again in my life, but they have never seemed to "stick" quite like this one.

Groeschel says:

" To understand the true stickiness of sex, we need to go back to the beginning. God's plan for man and woman being together seems straightforward right from the start: "For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh. The man and his wife (Adam and Eve) were both naked, and they felt no shame." (Gen. 2:24-25).

When a man and his wife are united, they share in the covenant expression of lovemaking. In God's perfect plan, the virgin husband enters into the virgin wife. With his penetration, she sheds bloods. (As with all sacred convenants, blood is shed). A holy, righteous physical moment seals their spiritual convenant. They can be naked together with out being ashamed, joined in sexual union as two become one.

Sex joins two people spirtually and emotionally, as well as physically. This is its purpose - to bond a couple together. Sex connects and fuses people together. It's sticky. Similarly, if you're stuck to someone and you try to pull loose, it's going to hurt. You're both going to leave pieces of yourselves behind.

Imagine you took a length of really sticky tape, like duct tape or gorilla tape, and stuck it to your shirt. What if you pulled that off and stuck it to somebody else? What if you pulled it off again and stuck it someone else? What if you did this ten times? Twenty? A hundred? After a certain point, no matter how hard you try, you can't it to stick to anyone, because the tape is no longer sticky. You're left a bit of whatever-makes-tape-sticky with each person you encountered.

Of course, sex is more powerful that duct tape. When you become physically intimate with another person, it bonds you. It unites you. It's sticky. Then when you end that relationship and go to another person, you've lost some of your stickiness. The more you do it, the less special it becomes. The less you have left of your heart and soul and uniqueness to give to the next person. Over time and among many partners, you're not very sticky anymore. It's harder to bond. More difficult to unite. You can't maintain a relationship. The other person doesn't feel connected to you, and you don't feel connected to anyone. Teach your kids to hold on to their stickiness for the person to whom they want to be stuck to for the rest of their lives."

Wow...yeah...I think I'm going to wait until I'm married.

But, while I'm being honest with my thoughts of sex, I sure hope I get married someday!

Also, I've started this new thing where I'm going to start praying for my future husband everyday. I have no idea who he is, but I want God to watch over him and help lead us together.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Best and the Worst Three Days in History

On that first day, so long ago, but two days ago in our hearts, Jesus was being tortured due to the demands of the people, of us. We demanded that he be beaten and crucified. We did that. It's our fault. The horrible sin in our lives, the horrible sin in my life, called out to Pontius Pilate and scoffed Jesus. But, Jesus loves us anyway. God loves us enough to let His one and only son, Jesus, be treated this way.

After being beaten and mocked, Jesus was nailed to a cross of wood and left there to die. To most of us, this is the image we get...

However, I know it my heart to be true, that it really looked more like this...

Jesus's death was horrible. It was graphic. Every inch of Jesus had been whipped and bloodied. The cross behind Jesus was covered in blood. Blood dripped from the nails that had been hammered into his hands and feet. Due to his outstretched arms, Jesus had to hold himself up with his legs so his lungs would stay open. When Jesus's strength to hold himself up gave out, he suffocated to death.

Jesus suffered all of this (graphic) violence for us. For me.

The whole time Jesus was on the cross (which was upwards of 12 hours, so I've heard. Can you imagine hanging on the cross for so long?) He said seven things. Seven things that the world should never forget.

The Word of Forgiveness. Luke 23:34 - "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do"

The Word of Salvation. Luke 23:43 - "Truly I say to you today, you will be with me in paradise"

The Word of Relationship. John 19:26-27 - "Jesus saw his own mother, and the disciple standing near whom he loved. He said to his mother, "Woman, behold your son." Then he said to the disciple, "Behold your mother." And from that hour, he took his mother into his family."

The Word of Abandonment. Matthew 27:46 - "Around the ninth hour, Jesus said in a loud voice, "Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?", which means "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?"

The Word of Distress. John 19:28 - "I thirst"

The Word of Triumph. John 19:30 - "It is finished."

The Word of Reunion. Luke 23:46 - "And speaking in a loud voice, Jesus said, "Father, into your hands I committ my spirit.""

Shortly after that, Jesus took his last breath, and died.

I hold these seven statments close to my heart. I try to imagine them as Jesus would have said them. Some of the passages state "in a loud voice", which leads me to believe the other statements were whispered, Jesus being in too much pain to call aloud.

On the third day, as was tradition during this time period, women went to Jesus's tomb to annoint his body for burial. When they got to the tomb, they found the stone had already been rolled away. They peered inside.

Jesus had risen from the dead! He was alive! Just like he said he would be! Matthew 28:6 - "He is not here, he has risen, just as he said."

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!

My sins caused Jesus Christ to be beaten and humiliated. Jesus Christ carried my sins on his back as he dragged his cross through the streets. My sins died with him on the cross. Jesus defeated death forever when he rose from the dead. I will have eternal life with God in heaven.

My Jesus sure is a great guy!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

God Bless Meena

My dear young woman, Meena, wrote me another beautiful letter. She sure does write me a lot! I love it! I got this letter today and I decided (as if I can decide something like this) that if her financial sponsor ever drops her, I will be taking on the responsibility. I hope that if that day ever comes, God will be on the same page.

Dear Aunty,

Loving greetings from Meena I feel very happy to receive your loving letter. I am really blessed to be your sponsored child. I hope you had a good winter season followed by a grand Christmas celebration. I feel that God's protection will always be with you in all types of climate conditions. Here, winter season is passing on, though moderately chilly nights seem to be foggy. Very soon summer season is about to begin. I am very happy to know about your Thanksgiving celebration in your country. I am thankful to God for having you, dear aunty, a good education I receive, and all the benefits I enjoy in Compassion. (I asked her my Thanksgiving letter what she is thankful for in her life). I am happy to know about the bible verse you wrote. My favorite verse is Psalm 23rd chapter. I love it very much. Thank you very much for the beautiful sticker God Bless Meena. (Using alphabet stickers, I spelled out God Bless Meena.) In my Compassion medical check-up that was conducted I was found normal. I get all that i need for my education, for my parents, brother and myself. We convey our best thanks, love, and regard with lots of love.

Yours Lovingly,

Seriously, I have so much love in my heart for Meena. I just can't describe it.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Touching Thursday

This week doesn't have a theme. The three children I'm thinking of really don't have anything in common, expect that they all need a sponsor. Check out these three kids, see if you would like to sponsor them...

4-14-12: Niraporn has been sponsored! I hope that sad faces goes away soon. 

Daniel has been sponsored! He waited 189 days for this wonderful sponsor to come. The feeling of seeing one of my prayer children get sponsored never gets old. Ever.

This little one has been sponsored! I knew it wouldn't take long for someone to fall in love with this cutie, his smile, and his name. God bless you Apple! May your name bless you throught your life.

Let me know if you choose to sponsor one of these kiddos. I would love to send you some stationary to get your writing started off and I would love to pray for your journey together. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The 10/40 Window

You'd think in all of the time that I spend online, especially doing research about geography and human needs, you'd think I would have heard about this.

The 10/40 Window.

"The original 10/40 Window included only countries with at least 50% of their land mass within 10 and 40 degrees north latitude."

While it's been updated a little bit since then, with a few countries above and below this original window, but the concept is the same.

The countries included here are the most unreached countries in the world. By unreached, they mean that most of the people in this window have literally never heard of Jesus Christ. There hasn't been somebody there to tell them that Jesus even existed. They have no idea whatsoever that Jesus came to earth as an infant, performed miracles, trained his disciples to spread the good news, and then died on the cross for THEIR SINS, so they can have eternal life in heaven.

Sure, there are many, many, many people in the United States who choose not to believe and consider themselves athiests (and a slew of other labels), but most of them have heard the good news, and choose not to believe it.

The people in the 10/40 window have NO CHOICE. Nobody has bothered to tell them about this Jesus guy. It's not their fault that nobody has shared this amazing news with them.

I sure hope that when these people die and go to heaven, God takes into account that they have never heard of Jesus. They don't deserve to be denied heaven. I don't think that will happen though, I believe that we have a very tolerant and open God.

I feel absolutely blessed that I have two sponsored children (Albania) and two correspondence kids (India) who are from the 10/40 window. I feel like I am really doing what God is calling me to do in the lives of these children.

Anyway, you can do your part to change this problem, one child at a time. Both World Vision and Compassion International work in some of the countries in this 10/40 Window. If you would like to sponsor a child from one of these countries, here is a wonderful list of the countries each organization serves, as well as links to both websites. Sponsor a child today!

World Vision

- Albania
- Bangladesh
- China
- Chad
- Ethiopia
- India
- Indonesia
- North Korea
- Mongolia
- Myanmar
- Senegal
- Sudan
- Sri Lanka
- Thailand
- Vietnam
- West Bank Gaza

(Keep in mind. Most of these countries, due to high populations of Islamics and Hindus, they can not show these children on the website. If you want to sponsor from one of these countries, you should call World Vision and have them send you some pictures in an email and you can choose from there).

Compassion International

- Bangladesh
- Burkina Faso
- Ethiopia
- India
- Indonesia
- Sri Lanka

Get out there and sponsor a child!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

How To Deal With Introverts. How I Deal With Being Introverted.

First off, I want to say that I have become addicted to blogging. I am now posting more than once a day. I am fine with it. I hope you are too. Maybe I'm making up for all those bloggers out there who don't post everyday? Haha. Probably not.

I came across this today. I am an introvert and this really spoke to me...

I decided to take each of these numbers and talk about how they play out in my life. I am fascinated with psychology and if I could spend time just studying the differences and behaviors of extroverts and introverts, I'd be thrilled.

1. I need some serious down time each day. (I'm talking 3+ hours a day). During this time, I want to sit in a room by myself. I don't want you to come in and ask me if I'm okay and why I'm hanging out alone. I don't want you to text me. I don't want you to ask me questions. I just want to be alone. Usually, I don't push this on people. I just wait until everyone around me is asleep and then I get my privacy. This explains why some days I'm up to 2 or 3 in the morning.

2. Please don't embarrass in public. I will be pissed off. I won't say it to you in public. I'll most likely get really quiet in the hopes that I don't draw anymore attention to myself. Then I'll play the situation over and over again my head during my daily downtime and pick apart the details of what I should've done differently so I won't get embarrassed like that again.

3. I am open to new situations. I am not afraid to do new things. I just ask that if I am going to do something new, you do it first. I want to watch others and catch on a little bit before I join in.

4. I am processor. I like to listen to people talk. I like to think about what people say and then I like to think about how my opinions and feelings play into what those people have said. I love to have conversations and I love to answer questions, I just need more than a few seconds to prepare my answer. I feel like my friends have a good handle on this and they just give me the time I need. I'm grateful for them.

5. I'm not a big talker, but on occasion, I have something to say. I can get really good at ranting/overwhelming people with words. I just ask that you listen to everything I have to say. I do want your input, but if you interrupt me, I'll mostly get lost in my thoughts and I'll just be done talking. I'm not trying to be pushy when I do this. I'm just trying to get all of the thoughts out that I've been thinking of for SO LONG and I don't want to miss anything.

6. I'm okay with change. I really am. But if possible, I love to know that it's coming. It's something as simple as, "Hey Kayla, instead of going to the store later, we're going to see a movie instead." Don't spring that kind of choice on me. I've already prepared myself for the store scene. It may sound silly, but it really does affect how the rest of my day will go. Don't take me somewhere as a surprise. It won't be fun for either of us.

7. I love this! Sometimes, I'm into whatever I'm doing. I don't want you to burst into wherever I am and say, "We have to go now!" I will freak out a little on the inside. I am pretty good at combating this myself. I'm the type of the person that will ask you at exactly what time we are going to do something. That way, I can prepare myself and be ready at exactly that time. Now please don't go and mess it up by being late!

8. I understand that I will make mistakes. I understand that I need to be corrected. You don't have to make it public. I hate those teachers that are like "Kayla got the answer to this problem wrong, let's put it on the board and see if we can see where she made the mistake." I will never learn how to solve any problem like that one ever again. It's scarring.

9. I like this one too. Sometimes I like to learn new things. I don't like to learn new things in a big group of people. I wouldn't survive in a pottery class, or a soccer team, or big music lesson. I need one person to sit next to me and tell me what to do next.

10. Yep. That's pretty much it. I have two best friends who I tell everything too.

11. I'm happy with my two best friends. They are working out great. I don't need more. Don't tell me that I do.

12. I am completely happy with my introverted self. I've mastered my working with people to nap time ratio. I'm happy with how I express myself. I'm okay with being the person at the party who hangs out in a small group by the wall. If I'm happy with it, why aren't you? 

Sunday Praise

Today I am extremely thankful for a few things.

This morning in the nursery at church, which is where I work on Sunday mornings, I got to hold, feed, smile at, and rock to sleep a beautiful 2 month old baby girl. She was just precious. Babies are just so perfect, fearfully and wonderfully made.

I am thankful for my friend Rosie who will always take time to answer me back when I text her. This is quite a feat, because I seem to have to text her quite a few times a day to make it through, haha.

I'm also extremely grateful for my friend Deborah. She is a very talented graphic artist (I think that's the right term). She made this beautiful picture with me. I think I may be brave enough soon to tell my sposnored children about each other and this will be a great picture to share with them. Check this out:

God sure has blessed me with amazing people in my life.