Wednesday, July 23, 2014

More World Vision Updates: 2013: Sierra Leone

Of course, I have to share the 2013 project update for Abu-Bakarr's ADP too. Without delay...

- Educated local savings groups on how to provide small loans and financial training to the community. 

- Improved the health status of 5,000 children by providing them with deworming medication. 

- Educated 700 community members on malaria prevention in order to battle the life-threatening disease. 

- Rehabilitated wells and created water management committees to improve sanitation and the community's access to safe water. 

- Supported primary school teachers so they could take classes from a teacher training college, in order to improve children's education. 

- Provided local schools with solar powered systems so they could generate enough energy to light classrooms for evening classes. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

More World Vision Updates: 2013: Albania

This post may not be interesting to anybody except me, but I like to get these things in writing before the next update happens.

Here are more things accomplished by the ADPs that my Albanian boys attend. Domenik's project has only been open for a couple of years, which Xhuliano and Florenc's projects are in the final stage of World Vision's help. Unfortunately, child abuse is a very serious problem in much of Albania. One of WV's biggest goals for this country is meeting with parents to discuss why this problem is occurring and to involve the community in stopping this abuse.

- Increased economic opportunities by supporting local farmers with training and equipment, helped youth receive vocational training, and enabled vulnerable families to start income-generating activities. 

- Trained community members on ways to improve water sanitation and hygiene in their neighborhoods and educated children on proper handwashing practices, to try to prevent illness. 

- Established student governments, giving youth a voice in school decisions and equipping them to help make their school more child-friendly. 

- Trained educators on innovative teaching methods and how to help children with learning disabilities succeed in school. 

- Conducted awareness sessions with moms and dads, promoting positive parenting practices and encouraging them on the importance of education and ways to provide proper nutrition for their children. 

- Partnered with teachers, healthcare workers, and local authorities to educate the community on child protection and child rights. 

- Coaches parents, teachers, and school authorities to be more inclusive of vulnerable children and those with special needs. 

- Taught young people agricultural skills which will help them earn a living.

- Helped vulnerable families start income-generating activities and small businesses to better provide for their children. 

- Educated 91 Albanians on ways to improve sanitation and hygiene and 515 children on proper handwashing practices. 

- Trained 35 teachers on positive teaching to help children with learning difficulties succeed at school. 

- Helped reduce school dropout rates with teachers and parents to identify and respond to underlying issues. 

- Held summer camps and other activities for 720 children, which taught them essential life skills. 

- Helped organize 6 awareness raising initiatives, reaching 704 community members with information on child rights. 

- Conducted 17 training sessions for 272 participants to promote positive parenting practices. 

- Trained 217 people on how to report cases of abuse to local child protection services. 

- Children enjoyed birthday parties with fun sports, games, and entertainment. Each child received a photo album as a gift.  

- To improve dairy production and household income, 54 farmers were provided with new equipment. 

- Provided medical assistance, like eye exams, for 18 children with acute needs. 

- Trained 42 teachers and school directors on child-centered teaching methods, improving the learning environment for students. 

- Held 17 training sessions for parents, promoting positive parenting practices and educating them on the importance of school attendance and proper nutrition for their children. 

- Established and trained 2 student governments to organize initiatives on safe internet use. These students have also raised awareness on the importance of qualified teachers and children's rights among 3,597 community members. 

- Through youth groups, trained peer leaders to advocate for children's rights to an education. 

- Held 11 training sessions for 238 people to teach improved hygiene practices, child development, and safe internet use. 

- Worked with faith-based organizations, healthcare centers, teachers, and local authorities to be involved in a child protection safety network to help create a safer environment for children in the community. 

- 2,687 boys and girls enjoyed fun parties in honor or their birthdays. 11,000 winter hats and scarves were distributed to children at local schools. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

More About Celeste's Siblings

I received a letter from my precious girl, Celeste, today. I love that from the very beginning of our relationship, Celeste has always written great letters. She really does a great job expressing her personality through her letters.

Celeste is 12 years old and lives in Honduras. This letter was written June 14th, 2014.


Dear Kayla,

In this moment I am writing this letter hoping you are in good health and prosperity given by God, just the way your soul is prospering. This time I want to thank you for the lovely letter you have sent and for showing that you're always thinking of me. I am fine and so are my siblings. Mario is in 9th grade. My sister Vicky is still in the university. She's studying Psychology and is happy studying for a career. Antonio (Her brother's name is Mario Antonio. Celeste uses the names interchangeably). doesn't like to go to the secondary school much because it's boring, according to what he says. My dad tells him that it is going to help him in the future. Yes, I do know the Christmas story. My favorite pastimes are to go out for a walk, play, have fun, and go swimming in the pool. I have 4 pets; two dogs and two cats. The female dog is named Osa. I hope you are in good health. May God bless you always. 



Friday, July 18, 2014

Love from Indonesia, Thailand, Honduras, and Ethiopia!

I opened my mailbox today and four letters literally fell out and landed on the floor of my apartment building. The mailman put them crooked in my mailbox, leaning against the door. Either way, I was happy to pick those letters off the floor and tear into them.

Sagitaria sent me a quick update about her life. Sagitaria is 10 years old and from Indonesia. This letter is dated June 2nd, 2014.


Dear Kayla,

Shalom mama. How are you? Mama, thanks for your letter. My family is healthy here. It often rains and it is often hot here. So I think the weather is normal here. My hobbies are writing and reading. My friends are kind and friendly. Mama, I pray to the Almighty God that we are healthy. Amen. 



Fongwin also sent me a newsy type letter. I love these little updates from these kids. Fongwin is 11 years old and from Thailand. This letter is dated May 8th, 2014. 


Dear Kayla,

Hello, sponsor. I'm very glad to write a letter to you again. Thank you very much for your love and your kindness for me and my family. My family and I are fine. It's very hot in my country. There is rain and there is hailstones. There are many damages. I'd like you to call me Fongwin (Fongwin's real name is Thawatchai and he signs all his letters this way. I asked which name he preferred). My school will start soon. I'll be in a new grade and I will have new friends. I'll pay much attention to my studies. Do schools in your country start yet? Please pray for my studies. I'll pray for you. Lastly, my God bless you. 

Love in Christ, 


Alexander wrote about the fun way kids celebrate birthdays in their project! Alexander is 13 years old and lives in Honduras. This letter was written June 20th, 2014. 


Dear Sponsor Kayla,

I'm glad to write to you. Let me tell you that I'm learning a lot in the project and discovering my talents and how to share with others. I want to tell you that I have learned a lot in the project and how to wash my hands and I am very kind. What I like learning in the project is Bible texts. We celebrated our birthdays at Kentucky Friend Chicken with pinatas. They take us our for our birthdays. I ask you to pray for my family. Thank you for what you do for me. Goodbye. 

Carlos Alexander


Last up, is a letter from Enatenesh. She didn't have too much to say, but it's always good to hear from her. Enatenesh is 17 years old and from Ethiopia. This letter is dated June 30th, 2014. 


Dear Kayla,

How are you doing, my sponsor? My family and I are fine. I thank you so much for your support. I am attending my school and Sunday School. I am studying to be successful on my exam. I need your prayer for my family and my education. I thank you so much for your prayers. I love you. Till my next letter, goodbye. 



Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sponsors Needed in Projects I Sponsor In #1

I keep saying I want to make this a weekly thing and then I keep getting distracted. I have to remind myself that I created my blog in the hopes of sharing more about child sponsorship and for finding sponsors for more children. What better way than to share about children that are waiting for a sponsor?

I titled this post #1, because I am hoping that will help me truly make this a weekly thing, as long as there are children waiting in projects that I sponsor in on the website that week.

This week, there are 7 children for me to share. Maybe one of these kids will grab your heart and you'll feel lead to sponsor them. If that does happen, I would love to hear about it!

Little Kenia is from HO-133, where my little guy, Enoc attends. 

She lives in Honduras with her parents and 4 siblings. She is 5 years old and her birthday is January 16th. 

These two boys attend project IN-389, where my Solomon attends. 

On the left is Charan. He is 7 years old. His birthday is June 1st. He enjoys art and reading.

On the right is Bala. He is 10 years old. His birthday is February 25th. Bala lives with a single mother and has above average performance in school!

Eknath has been sponsored! 

Meet Ravidas. He attends IN-905, which is the project that my Kalpesh attends. This is another project for great letters!

Ravidas is 12 years old. His birthday is June 22nd. He enjoys art, reading, and playing ball games. He attends activities at church regularly. 

This precious boy is Mohit. He attends project IN-967 where my Khushi attends. He lives in a community that is located in the Himalayan Mountains, where the weather can get very cold. 

Mohit is 9 years old. His birthday is May 9th. He lives with a single father and one sibling. He has been waiting over 250 days for a sponsor. 

Belen from NI-221 has been sponsored!

That's all for this week. Check back Wednesday for more! 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Gifts for Enoc and Debora

My friend Hilary will be going on an individual visit to Honduras to see her sponsored children. She offered to take gifts for people that sponsored in the same projects her children attend (it's easy to pass off gifts to project workers to take back to the project). For me, these projects are HO-133 and HO-372, which is where my new boy, Enoc, and my sweet Debora attend. I am extremely grateful whenever I am able to send a gift to one of my children. It's so fun choosing special gifts for them that I typically can't send them in the mail.

For some reason, I didn't think to take a picture of the items before I packed them up. I must have been too excited to get everything together. But, I did take a picture of the bags afterward:

For Deobra, I chose a small doll, a toy bottle, a pink squishy penguin that lights up, a toothbrush, and a comb. 

For Enoc I chose a box of markers, a notebook, some playdoh, a toothbrush, a yellow squishy sheep that lights up, a bracelet with a soccer ball charm on it, a small egg with toy dinosaurs inside of it, and little silver car. 

These gifts will be delivered next month. How fun! 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Three More for the Record Books

Isn't there a saying of some sort that talks about news coming in groups of three? that I think of it, maybe that's what they say about celebrity deaths. Oh well, it's too late to back out now. Lately, I've noticed that when I get mail, I seem to get them in groups of three. That's much better news that celebrity deaths, if I do say so myself.

Is this taking a morbid turn?

Let's stop chatting and just get to the letters:

My dear little Kwizera. I always call him little, even though he's turning 10 years old this year. I still picture him as that tiny, skinny guy I got in his very first photo. He's certainly growing up.

Kwizera lives in Rwanda. This letter is dated May 10th, 2014.


Dear Kayla,

Beloved special parent, I love you so much. First, greetings to you in the name of Jesus. How are you? I have the pleasure of writing this letter to you telling you about myself. It is sunny in my country. In school, I earned 71% on my exams and came in the 18th position in class. My dad hs been sick with scar in his neck. I love playing football. I love to worship God. I am well and happy. How are you doing? I am so thankful to you. I write to wish you a prosperous year. I was so delighted by the lovely letter you wrote. I felt so pleased. I thank you for that letter. Thank you! 



Next up, a letter from my sweet Brazlian girl, Maria. Her letters always have this upbeat air about them. She seems to be a very positive little girl. 

Maria is 10 years old. This letter is dated April 22nd, 2014


Dear Sponsor Kayla,

How are you? I hope you are well. I am okay. I want to say thank you for your letters to me and I like when you take time to write to me. I love your letters. My favorite colors are pink and red. I like children and I think they are cute. My mother is Marlene and my father is Francisco. My brother is Junior. I have a dog called Morena. Do you like animals? Which ones? Here, Brazil is very hot but sometimes it is raining. I ask the Lord to bless you always. 

With Love,


Now, first letter fun! This time from my girl Lina, from Colombia. I love all letters from all of my sponsored children, but there is just something extra exciting about a first letter. I know that Compassion changed the policy so that correspondent sponsors don't receive the "first letter" template from correspondent children anymore, so I didn't get to learn any of that basic information. But, Lina wrote a pretty great letter, sharing about her community and herself. 

Lina is 15 years old and this letter is dated April 24th, 2014. 


Dear Sponsor,

I greet you a God bless you. I want to tell you that I'm happy because I already turned 15 years old. The city where I live is called Cali and it is a very nice and very big city. The neighborhood where I live is a very united neighborhood and people are very nice. The traditional food in my city is chicken and it is very delicious. I love it. In my city there are 3,474,695 million people and they are very friendly (all of them?! Haha). Do you have children? What are their names? I want to tell you that the neighborhood where I live is called "Union de vivienda popular". It is a small but very united neighborhood. The most common means of transportation in my city is called MIO (integrated transport system). What is the most common means of transportation in your city? I want to thank you for the gifts you send me and for supporting me monthly at the CDC. I want to ask you to pray for my family but especially for my mom because she is not in Cali. To answer your question, I do love children and I think it's something very nice about me and also that I'm joyful. I want to give you this verse: Proverbs 2:13. 



Another great mail day!