Friday, April 18, 2014

Treasure from India!

Today I received letters from two of my Indian boys, Sagar and Kalpesh. These two boys absolutely have my heart. It is always a great day when I hear from them.

Awhile back, Sagar wrote me a letter telling me that he learned about vitamins that you get from eating healthy food. I showed interest in the subject and asked him to share some things that he learned about vitamins. Well, the boy went all out with his explanation...

Sagar is 10 years old. This letter is not dated.


Dear Kayla,

I am sending you joyful and loving greetings to you in the name of our dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

Play for Peace is a game all are playing without noise. (He wrote about this game and I asked him what it was) I also played in that game. The winner was Bhagyashri and Naina, who are in the project. 

By mistake I wrote in my last letter that I was in 6th grade. Now I am studying in 7th grade. Sorry for my mistake. Please excuse me. (Of course, dear) 

I would like to tell you about A, B, C, D viatmins: 

1. A Vitamins: Essential for night vision. From milk, eggs we get Vitamin A. 

2. B Vitamins: It is important for healthy nervous system. From fish, eggs, milk we get Vitamin B. 

3. C Vitamins: Vitamin C is important for wound healing and prevention from infections. From citrus fruits, tomatoes we get Vitamin C. 

4. D Vitamins: Vitamin D are getting from sun rays. It's important for bones. From sunlight, oily fish we get Vitamin D. 

We had Christmas program at our project center. We celebrated with big party. We had meat in party. We had danced to spiritual songs. We all participated in this ceremony. We have seen My Hope video clips. We all got clothes and blankets for Christmas gifts. We all were happy on Christmas month. 

I am so happy for you and your family. I love you very much! How are you? Thank you very much for your letters. May God bless you and your family. 

Your Loving Son,


Kalpesh also wrote to me about Christmas. I love hearing how my sponsored children celebrate Christmas at their projects. It always sounds like so much fun. 

Kalpesh was 11 years old when this letter was written. The letter is dated February 12th, 2014. 


Dear Sister Kayla,

Greetings to you in the lovely name of Jesus Christ. I am very glad to receive your letter and Christmas tree card. I'm also glad to see the stickers. Really it is very nice drawing of Christmas tree because you have decorated it with stars, candles, and flowers. I got good Christmas message from that. 

This year we had celebrated Christmas wonderfully at the project and I had participated in action song "Tingu Dance" and skit named Seven Fools. We enjoyed in it. My uncle and his family are Hindu so they didn't celebrate Christmas, as well s did not decorate the house and there are no symbols at home, but I would like to decorate the house. Here I tried to draw a design which girls commonly draw on their hand with henna. I am sending it to you. (Drawing below) 

We are very well here and I hope you are also doing well. Continue to pray for my study and health. I am also praying for your job and your health. I wish you a happy New Year to you and your family. 

Your Younger Brother, 


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Praise Songs All Around

I received two more letters in the mail today. And to think, last week I was complaining that it had been longer than usual without any mail from my sponsored children. I'm sure singing a different tune this week.

Today, two letters arrived to me from Africa and Asia. One from my boy Abu-Bakarr and one from my precious girl, Khushi.

First up, Abu's letter. I've only ever received one letter written by Abu himself. I'm not sure why this is because that letter was written in English, so I know that Abu is able to write to me himself. But, never the less, the letters are usually written by World Vision volunteer. In fact, it's been the same woman the whole six years I've sponsored Abu. Ms. Mary Kebbie, it's always great hearing from you. Haha.

 The letter isn't dated, but I'm guessing it was written early February. Abu is 11 years old and lives in Sierra Leone.

Dear Kayla, 

Your letter dated November 11th, 2013 came in on January 22nd, 2014. 

Abu and his grandmother appreciated the car stickers and the letter too, for which they say many thanks to you and always remember you and your family in prayers. 

The season here is cold and some trees are shedding their leaves. That shows sign of the dry season. Farmers are now brushing their lands for the next season. 

For Christmas and New Year's Day, they celebrated them in a small way. Christmas fell on a Wednesday, same as New Year's Day. Children ate and danced from house to house of their friends and families. Christians went to church in the morning and late in the evening to say thanks to God. Abu's favorite song is titled, "He Called on me Today." 

Once more, Abu and grandmother say thank you and always remember you in their prayers. They wish you success through 2014. 


Next up, the letter from Khushi. Khushi is a very smart little girl. She is only 10 years old, but is already finishing up (may be done already) with 6th grade. I'm not sure if she finished grades quickly or if she skipped some, but it's not usual that you see a 10 year in 6th grade. My other Indian children are older than her and are in lower grades. Khushi has some of the neatest handwriting I've ever seen, whether she's writing in Hindi or English. It's just beautiful. Man, I love this precious girl. 

Khushi lives up in the Himalayan Mountains, so the winters are often very cold.This letter is dated February 13th. 


Dear Sponsor, 

Greetings in the name of the Lord. I want to thank you very much for sending me a beautiful card and letters with beautiful pictures. I really enjoyed so much. I am very glad hearing how you decorate your house for Christmas. I am doing very well. Everybody in my family is doing well. I am enjoying my school & project program. It rained here. We have had snowfall here. It's too much cold. (Girl, I completely understand too much cold.) But, nice sunshine today. The leaves on trees are a bit yellow and they will be turning green. We are about to enter a spring season. I like it so much.

I just learnt some new songs at the project in Hindi and English. We also decorated our project center nicely during Christmas. Here in village, farmers are plowing the fields. Next month, we will be sowing the rice fields. I am in 6th grade. My final exams are approaching very soon, so I must work hard to pass 6th grade with good marks. 

I am so happy always learning new things from you. Thank you very much for your great kindness and love. I want to close my letter now. I am also praying for you. Please keep praying for me. Thank you. 

Your Khushi


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Two Loving Letters from Xhuliano

I can never think of good titles for my posts. 

Yesterday, I received two more wonderful letters from Xhuliano. I always look forward to hearing from him and learning more about him and his family.

The letters weren't dated, but I think the one about Christmas and New Year go first, though, I have no real proof of that, since both are referring to winter.


Dear My Friend!

I am always very happy receiving letters written by your hand where you express your thoughts through which I feel your sweetness and warmth. 

Lately, Marsela has been sick and I pray to God to heal her as soon as possible. I love her so much. 

I am very happy that the sheep we have gave birth to two beautiful lambs. We have also another sheep which we bought at a small age and which is getting fed by a bottle. We have got even two goats that in March will give birth to some little kid goats. I will revel a lot to them. I would love to have a cow but my dad could not buy it because it costs a lot. I have got at home two rabbits that very soon will be giving birth to some little rabbits. I have got hens and a white dog too. I would to have all kinds of animals at home. 

I enjoyed celebrating Christmas and New Year's Eve and I am glad you enjoyed celebrating with your mom and grandma. I hope you always enjoy celebrating the special days. I love the smile of your mom and grandma. I wish to all of you lots of luck and happiness in your lives. I hope next time you will send me a photo of your stepfather. (I sent photos of my family on Christmas, but my stepdad wouldn't let me take a picture of him. I told Xhuliano that. Haha). 

I hope you will write me back very soon. May God bless you and make your dreams come true. 

With a great love,



Dear My Friend, 

I was overjoyed when I got your letter again. I am doing great with my health. How are you actually doing? I hope you and your family be safe this year. 

My wonderful friend, here in my country the weather is so cold. Going to school you can feel the cold on your face. Sometimes we even have strong rains. I have the same opinion with you that it is very beautiful outside when the snow falls. I would love to see some snow falling in my village, but here no snow falls. I would love to play in the snow in a sleigh like you. I would you could teach me to glide on a snow sleigh. 

I liked a lot the pictures of the street where you live. It was a beautiful and special one. And the picture of yours was so beautiful, too. You had come in that picture with suitable clothing for winter time. I was a really nice photo. You have there a beautiful smile on your face. I hope you to be smiling throughout your life. 

My friend, I am signing off now. I wish you lots of luck in your life. May God bless you and your family. I send hugs to you through this letter.

Lots of Love, 


Monday, April 14, 2014

Super Full Mailbox Today!

Today, I opened up my mailbox and it was super full! I had 8 envelopes inside my little gold, apartment-style mailbox. Three of the envelopes weren't very exciting (two were about my credit card and one was my internet bill). However, the other five were awesome! I got two letters from Xhuliano (those will be posted tomorrow) and I got three Compassion envelopes. I will share those three letters with you today. How about we go in age order, because well...I like it that way. Haha.

First up, I got a letter from my sweet Solomon from India. It was the My Christian Learning template, with a message on the back. The written letter was a bit of a jumbled, confusing mess because it appears he is answering/referring to several things from a few letters from me.

Solomon is 8 years old. This letter was written January 17th.


 1. My favorite bible story is: Noah

2. My favorite bible verse is: "The Lord is my shepherd" Psalm 23:1

3. What I like about Jesus is: Loving and Living God

4. My favorite English action song begins: "Jesus loves me this I know..."

5. When I pray to Jesus, I pray for: My family and my sponsor. 

Dear sponsor, 

Greetings to you in our Lord Jesus Christ. How are you? I am Mrs. Umakumar (project staff) writing this letter on behalf of Solomon. He and his family is doing well. He is very happy to receive all your letters. He was so glad to hear from you. An angel looks like a beautiful queen with bright white dress, with crown and wings. (I asked my kids what they think an angel looks like). The soldiers are brave. I like their braveness. He likes to fight for the country. (Solomon wants to be a soldier when he grows up. I asked him why). Christmas was celebrated happily in their house. He decorated his house with colorful stars, Christmas tree, and balloons. On Christmas, he shared sweets with his neighbor. Sweets and clothes he received at the project. What is the meaning of Fall Festival? (I told my kids about a fall festival we had at my church.) Yes, we do many activities like singing, learning, coloring, drawing, and games. Yes, he is absolutely fine by God's grace. He likes the picture of autumn leaves and apple tree. He likes the Christmas tree card. Stickers are very nice. He liked it. Please pray for him. He is also praying for you. 


Next, I received a letter from my girl Maria, who lives in Brazil. This was the very first letter I received from her and I learned a lot of things about her! I love first letters, especially when they are so descriptive.

Maria is 9 years old. This letter was written March 10th.

Dear sponsor Kayla, 

I and my family are fine. How are you? Here in the project there are many courses. I do swimming, ballet, and art. My school is very good. My favorite subjects are Portuguese, Science, and English. What are yours? How old are you? I will turn 10. When is your birthday? Mine is June 11th. What is your favorite animal? Mine is a dog. Do you have a pet? I have a beautiful dog. Her name is Morenna, but she is naughty. She turned 1 year old on February 25th. Do you have brothers and sisters? I have a brother called Junior. I like drawing. What is your favorite color? Mine is lilac and pink. 

Bye Kayla. Many kisses, good luck, much peace. God bless you always and forever. 



 The last letter I'll share today is from Fongwin, in Thailand. I think "thank you very much" must be one of his favorite phrases, haha.

Fongwin is 11 years old. This letter was written on March 6th.


Dear Kayla, 

Good morning my sponsor. I feel very happy for writing this letter to you again. I am my family are doing well. Are you and your family doing well? I thank you very much for your prayers for me and I also thank you very much for supporting me as well. I thank you very much for you have kept me in your prayers. I also thank you you very much for sending me the gift and I received it. (A friend took a gift to him in January) I like it so much. During this time, it is summer time in my country and I think that the weather in this year is the hottest year compared with the past. I would like to know whether there is snow falling in your country or not. I am going to holiday after the final examination and the school holiday this year is about two months. The project is organizing a summer camp during the school holiday in April at the church and I feel very happy for going to attend the camp together with my friends. I will tell you more about the summer camp in the next letter. I would like to know whether there is a summer camp for the children in your country or not. I would like you to pray for my final examination too. Finally, may God bless you and your family with happiness. 

With Love in Christ, 


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Two More Photo Updates!

I logged on to my Compassion account today and saw two brand new photos. Yay! I'm only waiting on two more photo updates now.

Here are the new photos for more of my beautiful kiddos.

First, here is Elias. He's from Ethiopia.

Then, my beautiful Khushi, from India. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Brenda is Doing Well in School

On Saturday, I received a letter from Brenda. I have to admit, I was absolutely shocked. I just received a letter from her on March 10th. When it comes to Uganda, my experience is that letters only come every 4-5 months, even with the new letter writing system telling me that I'm supposed to get a letter every 2 months. Though, of course, this was a very nice surprise.

Brenda is 14 years old. This letter was written on March 4th.


Dear Kayla,

Receive my warm greetings. 

How are you and how is your life? Back to me, I am okay. Now we are receiving sunshine and rainfall. We are planting irish potatoes and harvesting maize. 

My family members are okay. They greet you in Jesus name. We pray for you, so pray for me to do well in class. In primary leaving exams I got 28 agreegates (Any idea what those are?).  I got third grade (Maybe the 3rd best score on the exam?) I am now in senior one. So pray for me to perform well in secondary school. 

I have a verse that I found and I want to share with you. It is Mark 16:15. "Go to all the world and preach the good news to all creations." It teaches me to preach the word of God. 

Thank you. May God bless you. 



Changes and Updates Left and Right!

There is all kinds of Compassion excitement happening around here lately. The changes are happening so quickly that I really haven't had time to get everything together to even blog about it. But, today is the day.

At the end of March, two new correspondent children joined my family. First, Emanuel appeared on my account. He is 17 years old and lives in Tanzania.

Then, the very next day, Allison joined the group. She is 10 years old and lives in Ecuador. 

Then, in just the last week alone, I've gotten four photo updates. Four! Which is awesome because I really was gathering quite a list of children who were due for a photo. In fact, I still have four children who are due for photo updates. You could be getting another post like this very soon. 




And Allison:

I sure do have some beautiful children, don't I?