Thursday, May 5, 2016

Letters to My Kids: March 2016

I posted my January letter on Tuesday and today, I was all ready to post my letter from February. turns out that I didn't write at all in February.'s a short month? I forgot? Oops?

Really, I am a little surprised that I missed a month, but it's not the end of the world. I wrote in March, already twice in April and I'll write twice this month, so I'm not extremely worried about it.

Anyway, now I'll share what I wrote in March. Other people have also written about this to their children and shared the idea with me. And I passing it onto you.

Clubhouse Magazine put out a short article/story/message about God's Teen Squad (Click on the link to be taken to it). Basically, it's about how most of Jesus' disciples were teenagers or young adults. I sent to this all of my kids over the age of 12. I used the text from the magazine, but changed it up a bit, adding and subtracting my own things. Basically, I told my kids that they are never too young to follow Jesus, share about him, and lead others.

(For those curious, my younger kids got some bible verses, short info about spring, and some photos of flowers. I didn't ignore them.)

Here is the letter:

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Letters to My Kids: January 2016

Hi everyone! I know that I used to do posts like this all the time, but it seems that I have forgotten about them now that it's 2016. I have written several times since the year has started, but unfortunately, I don't have all of those letters available to share. With Compassion's new letter writing system still updating, I don't yet have access to all of my written letters. But, I do have January's letter to share with you. I'm just going to post the photos of the letter I wrote. You can click on the photos to enlarge them and read them.

My January letter is a list of five questions that I sent to my children, about why sponsors are important and why it is important for sponsors to write to their sponsored children. My friend Teresa sent the same questions to her children, in the hopes of sharing their answers with potential sponsors. I liked the questions so much, that I stole them and sent them to my kids.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Project Director Letter: CO-607

Happy May, everyone! Are you ready for a new project letter? I am!

Today, a letter from CO-607, which is located in Colombia. My young man, Ronaldo, attends this project.


Dear Kayla, 

From my heart, I hope you and your family are enjoying the wonderful blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

This is Edmundo Castellon, pastor of Dios con Nosotros Church, which is located in the town of Sincelejo in Colombia. We are ministering to Ronaldo at the Child Development Center. 

Actual Community Photo

We see the children's interest in following the Lord and helping their families. I am very grateful to you for praying for us and for supporting the development of Ronaldo. For us as a church, the work we are doing for the children and young people is a great challenge and at the same time, a dream. 

The community sometimes fails to hear the message of our Lord because it seems that they are interested in other things. There are dysfunctional families due to the conflict at home and with society. Our responsibility is to show God's love in a context of unconditional love. We are very motivated to continue with our Lord Jesus Christ's work entrusted to us, bringing the message of love and salvation to all children and parents in our community. Every day we see the Lord's blessings and support in the work we do with these children. Seeing the children's smiles and young people's effort increases our faith and we know that our work is not in vain. We can see many children and parents coming to the Lord's feet, and I know we will continue to see more families being released from that spiritual poverty in which the world has been submerged. 

Thanks to the efforts of the church, right now we have a children's restaurant which feeds 50 children in the community. Parents and children are being blessed through these foods. I know this is a great tool to bring hope to the community. 

It is thanks to sponsors that children smile, through the letters, photos, cards, and gifts that are sent to them. I am glad to see children's smiles and their satisfaction when they get letters or when they are going to write letters to their sponsors. Children want to know their sponsors and they are happier knowing that people far away love them and are praying for them. 

Thank you very much for everything that you do for Ronaldo. Thank you for praying for our children and for our church so that the Lord gives us more faith and the strength we need for this work with children every day. Our church is praying for you and your family so that the Lord fills you with love and passion for the lost, for those people who need to hear the message of hope and salvation that the Lord Jesus gives us.

Best Regards, 
Edmundo Castellon


Sunday, May 1, 2016

First Sunday Advocate: May 2016

I don't have as many kids to share with you as I usually do. I only choose to share children, on my blog, that attend the same projects at my kids. This month, there aren't many to choose from. Typically, I have like 20 kids to narrow down and share. This time around, I only have 6 kids to share with you.

If you're able to add one of these kids to your sponsorship family, I would love to hear about it! We can tell our kids that we know each other!

Under each photo, I put each child age, name, and the project they attend. In parenthesis, I put the name of the child that I sponsor there. If you wish you, you can click on that child in the side-bar, to be taken to letters from that child and more information about their project.

All, but one, of these kids are older teenagers or even older. These would be shorter sponsorships than most, if you are looking for just a few years of commitment. If you want something quite a bit longer, check out that precious 3 year old. :)

Here's this months kiddos:

Vanaessa has found a sponsor! 

Zawadi's wait for a sponsor is over! 

Judith has been sponsored! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Less Than a Month!

Hi everyone! I received a letter from Sagitaria yesterday. Her letter was written less than a month ago and it was already translated and uploaded to my account. I am absolutely IN LOVE with this new system. Even despite all of the glitches that are still happening, I am getting letters faster than ever before. It's so great!

Awhile ago, I wrote a letter to all of my kids and asked them a few questions about the importance of having a sponsor, receiving letters, and what they like about in letters. These questions were taken from my friend Theresa, who sent the same letter to all of her kids. I have loved hearing her kids' responses and point of view when it comes to having sponsors. I am looking forward to even more answers rolling in from my kids. Sagitaria was the first to answer these questions.

Sagitaria is 12 years old and lives in Indonesia. Her letter is dated March 31st, 2016.


Love to Mama Kayla!

I'm glad to read the letter from you. I always pray for mama to be happy and healthy. The importance of the sponsor for the child is to be able to help with the burden for needy parents. The importance of the sponsor is to write to the child as well as they're able to know more about the child he/she sponsors. What I like from my sponsor's letters is encouraging words, pictures, and to have a friend from America. Mama Kayla, I like to obey the rules at the project. We have rules to not to come late to the project. This rule makes us have discipline in time management. My parents make rules too, like to do chores and learning before I play. I hope Mama Kayla will be eager and happy to sponsor more needy children like us. I pray to Lord Jesus that Mama is always happy. I wait for your reply. Lord Jesus bless. 



Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Another Round of Colombian Letters

I worked at the Compassion table at the Hearts for Home conference on Saturday. I work this event every year and it's literally my favorite day of the whole year. Better than my birthday. Better than Christmas. Anything. I hear the most inspiring, loving, tear-jerking stories and I encounter some of the most loving people I come across all year. It is truly a blessing to work at that table. Plus, over 150 children were sponsored!

When I came home, I saw three letters in my mailbox, from three of my Colombian kids. I have yet to hear from my newest Colombian boy, Jose, and was hoping to see a letter from him in this bunch, but nothing yet. My Colombian letters always come at the same time, so hopefully his letter will be in the next batch.

I'll go youngest to oldest, per usual.

That makes Jonatan up first. He tells me about school first and then shares some other things with me.

Jonatan is 8 years old. He wrote this letter on February 19th, 2016.


My school year starts in: January and I'm in 3rd grade. 
What I like the most about my school is: The computer classroom. 
My favorite subject is Math and the one I like the least is Spanish. 
My best friend at school is Edwin and he is 8 years old. 
In order to go to school I have to: Wait for the school bus. 

I greet you with love. Yes, I could see the eclipse on the 27th of September and I think it was great and this is why I stayed up to see it until the end. How was your Christmas and new year? Thank you so much for your letter with the pictures and details about the eclipse. Thank you also for the stickers, Christmas images, and the drawing to color. I want to tell you that I played in a soccer championship and I was the goalie. We won so I got an honorable mention for being the best goalie. Everybody on the team was happy. I want to share this verse with you; Psalm 18:20. May God bless you always. 

Jonatan Caleb


Next up, the same kind of letter from Daniel. He wrote on the same topics as Jonatan, but doesn't do form (fill in the blank) letters anymore.

Daniel is 10 years old. His letter is dated February 17th, 2016.


Good morning my dear sponsor, 

I send you and your family a big greeting. In this opportunity, I want to tell you that my school year starts each year by the end of February and I'm in 5th grade. What I like most about my school is the soccer field and the big classrooms. My favorite subject is math, but I also like religion, computers, Spanish, and ethics. My best friend in school is Adrian and he is 12 years old. In order to go to school, I have to walk through a very busy street. Did you finish high school? Did you go to college? What was your favorite? I also saw the moon when it was getting red. Thank you for telling me about your experience with the eclipse and thank you also for the stickers. In December, I received many presents and I shared them with my grandparents. I leave you with kisses and hugs and I hope to hear from you. I want to share this verse with you today: Isaiah 41:10. May God bless you. 



Last up, a letter from sweet Lina. It's always a treat to hear more about her. 

Lina is 17years old. Her letter is dated February 4th, 2016. 


Dear Sponsor, 

I greet you in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, wishing you're doing very well. I want to tell you that I feel very happy because I passed the school year and all my family is proud of me. I want to ask you to please help me pray so that in my next school year I will do just as well. I also want to thank you for all the support you have given me during all these years because you have been a great blessing to my life. I want to tell you that the name of my community is Union de Vivienda Popular and one of the most common jobs is construction. Now I want to tell you that the weather in my community is sunny, as well as in other cities. I want to tell you that in my community, as well as in my family, we celebrate Christmas and New Year with a lot of families activities, one of them being a dinner and spending time with friends. I want to tell you that my Christmas gift was a dress. Regarding your question, I didn't see the red moon. I say goodbye, but first I want to give you this verse: Isaiah 4:10. I say goodbye with a hug. 



Monday, April 25, 2016

Project Director Letter: HO-348

I can't believe that it's already the last week in April. Where has the time gone?!

Anyway, it's time to share another letter, this time from Honduras, project 348, which is where my girl Celeste attends. I've met her project director face to face and she is a wonderful woman! I have never been to the project, but I can imagine how wonderfully things are run.


Dear Kayla,

It is an honor for me to greet you and wish you and your loved ones rich and abundant blessings. I hope the peace of the Lord fills you at all times. My name is Fany Jackeline Murillo Contreras. I am the Project Director of the Child Development Center that ministers to your sponsored child called Toward a New Life at Philadelphia Church. We are located in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. I greatly thank God and Compassion International for giving me the opportunity to express my most sincere gratefulness for you for sponsoring Celeste. The Lord has used your life in a powerful way. The Lord will reward you abundantly for everything you have sown in the kingdom of heaven. God is a just and faithful God. 

Actual Photo of HO-348

We do many events and activities here which shape the children and educated them for a better life. We are slowly marking their lives in order to change their sadness into smiles, their cries into joy, and their hopelessness into hope. They receive gifts, medical support, food, and trips. They are greatly blessed. We have children of poor resources whose moms are single or who come from broken homes where they lack love. 

As a staff member, I feel very happy for everything we have achieved. We still have many things to do. There is a great need for Jesus in our community. We do not get tired of sowing the good seed of his word every day. Our vision is to have a generation that knows the Lord as the father that he is. He wants us to know him like our father. We hope they find the father that they have not had and they can love him, honor him, and serve him with all their hearts. 

It is exciting to see the faces of the children as their joy overflows when they receive a letter from their sponsors. To know there is someone far away who loves them and thinks of them is the best feeling for them. When they don't receive letters for a long time, they get somewhat sad - but they never lose hope of receiving another letter. 

I am inspired to continue working for this generation because I see that they have hope in Jesus. I know they will rise as great leaders and will make a difference in our community. Help us to keep this flame alive so they can shine brighter with love. Please continue praying for them and their families. Pray for all the staff members who work with love, passion, and faith. We believe our work is not in vain. Pray for our beautiful country. We believe the Lord will make great and wonderful things. 

I say goodbye and I thank you for everything. Thank you again for sponsoring Celeste. I want to remind you that we always pray for you. God is in control of everything in your life. Have faith. May the Lord give you the peace only he can give. Wait on his provision. Even though I don't know you, I love with the love of the Lord. Thank you! God bless you! 

Fany Jackeline Murillo Contreras