Wednesday, September 26, 2012

See Your Impact Results: August 2012

I am finally able to share these results with you!

Each month, I donate money to a wonderful organization called See Your Impact . Through this organization, you can choose a charity and donate a small (or large) amount of money. You can search the charities by cause, country, gender, age, etc. The charities are always changing and updating so it's always new and fresh and up on the most current needs of the world. The causes that require a small amount of money are paid by one or two people. The larger causes collect money from several people and then combine everything together to help one person.

The coolest part of See Your Impact is that after the money is collected and sent to the person being helped, the company takes a picture of that person and writes a story about it. That picture and story is then emailed to you so you know exactly who you helped. Usually the pictuers take only 2-3 weeks.

This time, it took about a month and a half to get the picture, because it took awhile to get enough donors to complete the project.

This month, I chose to donate $20, along with seven other donors, to get $160 to the daughter a an Indian sex worker. A home is run in India for girls who are daughters of sex workers who know longer live with their mothers, for various reason. This $160 is used to feed this child for three whole months. Just amazing. Here is the picture and story showing the sweetheart that I helped feed.

Sadhna loves helping the other children!

Dear Ojus, Kayla, Nabeelah, Michelle, Valerie, Tiffany, Sally, and Amy,

Six year old Sadhna's mother is a victim of the sex trade and used to work in a red light area in Mumbai. When her mother passed away, Sadhna was brought to Anandalay, a shelter home run by Sahaara for daughters of trafficked women. These children are brought up by house-parents in a loving and conducive family environment in the home.

Initially, Sadhna communicated through sign language as she did not know Hindi and the house parents did not know Bengali. She also struggled to cope in school as her foundational skills were poor. With encouragement and guidance from her houseparents and tutor, Sadhna worked hard. Being studious, diligent and intelligent by nature, she enjoyed completing her homework and obtained excellent results in the examination. Sadhna is now very talkative and has become very fluent in hindi. She comfortably understands English as well and manages to communicate well.

Sadhna has now emerged confident in various other skills like reading and writing. She particularly enjoys reading English story books. She has been selected to be a part of the school hockey and football team. Sadhna was also chosen to be a part of the carol singing group.

Your generous donations will enable Sahaara to provide fresh and nutritious meals to Sadhna, thereby ensuring that she remains healthy and continues doing well in her studies.

Thank you, Ojus, Kayla, Nabeelah, Michelle, Valerie, Tiffany, Sally, and Amy, so much for coming together in support of Sadhna!

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