Friday, September 28, 2012

Two Page Letter!

My Xhuliano in Albania has always been such a great writer, but now he's writing two pages instead of just one. Wow! And he's only 11! Here's his letter:

I'm pretty sure he's responding to several letters here, but I can tell for sure that he's answering the letter I wrote about his schooling and also responding to the letter I wrote about how he should be a good example amongst his friends (obeying parents and making good choices). He's also responding the letter I wrote about visiting my friend Rosie in Texas.

Dear my wonderful friend,
I was very happy to receive your letters and I get very happy when I read them. My school is near my house and we have a uniform (white shirt and tie). Even I have difficulties in math, but my mother is helping me to achieve what I want. (I told him about how when I was his age, math was a hard subject for me). My friend, cook all the desserts and when you eat them, you will think of me. (I told him in school one of my favorite classes was cooking). Even I prefer the food that you like and when my mom cooks, I eat everything she has prepared. I'm not choosy.
When I learn English, I'll write a poem to you. (Can't wait!) My sister Stelina knows English better than I and she knows how to write and she's got good grades.(His sister is 9, maybe 10 now). Yes my friend, parents are important because they educate us, teach us how to behave, give us advice to be good, and they are proud for their children.
I have chickens, sheep, dog, and cat which has 3 kittens. i love and take care of them. My mom and dad have a good relationship, they help each other. My dad is sick. He has perforated his kidney two times and my mom helps him. I pray for my dad. I pray that God gives him power and health, and not only me, but my sisters are praying too, because they love him. He got sick in spring and we all take care of him and help him. We pray to God that he gets well soon. (His faith is inspirational)
I want to thank your friend for helping you about me and for choosing me as your friend. I am very happy. I am glad that she wrote the poem in Albanian. (A friend of mine shared a poem in Albanian that I sent to Xhuliano)
I also hope your family is good and healthy. I do well in English. I thank your friend Rosie. I'm grateful to her. Even I like to travel by plane, but I don't have many chances. My mom and dad can't give me everything. I asked my dad to go to Italy with my mom and my aunt, but I couldn't go because of the economic situation. I have a desire to travel like all of my friends. I'm closing for now.
Lots of love from Xhuliano
Seriously, how wonderful is he?! He's just so open and honest. I can't wait until the day that I get a poem in English from him!
I will definitely be praying for his dad. It sounds like kidney problems are pretty common in Albania. I wonder why that is.
I completely understand how he feels about wanting to travel! Haha. 


  1. Wow! That is an awesome letter! He really loves you!

  2. Xhuliano is quite the writer!! I love how he told you that he's going to write you a poem in English, hehe. How cute! :)

    I received my first letter from my Albanian girl today and to my surprise there was a photograph of her enclosed. It was a photo of her actually writing the letter on the steps outside of her home. It was very cool! Albanian sponsorship is so much fun. :)

    1. Xhuliano is really such a loving boy. He, as you can, tells me anything and everything that he can think of. He's always telling me that he wishes he could give me flowers or write me a poem. So sweet!

      I'm so happy that you received your first letter from Albania. And an extra picture is so great!