Saturday, September 1, 2012

Central American Cuties Looking for Sponsors!

On top of all of the other kids that I'm advocating for, I also requested some packets for three girls from Honduras and Nicaragua. I got the packets in the mail today and SURPRISE there was also a little boy thrown in there, and I must say he is super cute too.

If you are interested in sponsoring any of these children, please email me at and let me know. I will send you to a website where you can sign up to sponsor. I will be praying for each of these precious children.

This little girl in pigtails is Kimberly and she's from Nicaragua. She is 7 years old and her birthday is December 25th (A Christmas baby!). Kimberly lives with her grandmother and one sibling. Her grandmother is unemployed and doesn't make any money. For fun, Kimberly enjoys playing house, playing with, and playing ball games. In primary school, Kimberly's performance is average. She also attends church activities and bible class.
The regional diet consists of maize, beans, chicken, guinea pig, bread, cassava, beef, rice, and potatos. Her community is in need of clean drinking water and electricity.
Sweet Anielka has been sponsored by a good friend of mine. I am so excited!
This is Katerin from Honduras. She will be 9 years old on September 11th. She lives with her mother, who is sometimes employed, and has no siblings. In her home, Katerin helps by carrying water (horrible job!), making beds, and running errands. Singing, playing with dolls, and playing group games are Katerin's favorite things to do. In primary school, her performance is below average (she could use some encouragement!). She also regularly attends church activities and bible class.
The diet in her community consists of maize, beans, bananas, plantains, and rice. Most adults work in domestic service or as street vendors and earn about $250 a month. This community needs a sewer system, jobs, high schools, and substance abuse rehabilitation centers.
10-4-12 Omar has been sponsored! Nothing wrong with last minute sponsorships!
I have these packets until October 5th. Remember, if you would like sponsor any of these children, email me at and let me know!


  1. Oh my goodness I am in love with Anielka! Praying, praying, praying she finds a sponsor! What centers are Osmar and Katerin in? It would be too cool if they lived near my kid's centers or where I'll be this December :)

    1. The very first thing I thought when I saw Anielka was how lovely she was. She is so cute!

      Katerin is in HO291 and Omar is in HO311.

  2. I'm so excited to hear that Anielka has a sponsor!!!! YAY!!!!!