Friday, September 21, 2012

My Surprise Correspondent Child!

Okay, here's how my evening went...

I got home from work and I decided to call Compassion and ask them about this "elusive 2nd list" that they have for correspondent children. Apparantly, Compassion puts people on this "2nd list" to get correspondent children over the allowed limit of three.

Well, I called them and asked and the man I was talking to had no idea what list I was a talking about. He put me on hold (for quite a long time) and talked to his supervisor...who also had no idea what list I was talking about.

When I was back on the phone with him, I told him that I would call again some other time and see about getting a 5th correspondent child added to my account. After I said that, here's the conversation we had:

Compassion Guy: "Well, I see that you're already corresponding with 5 children."

Me: "No, I correspond with 4 children (utter confusion in my voice)"

Compassion Guy: "No, I assure you that there are 8 total children on your account. 3 sponsored children and 5 correspondents."

Me: "What?! Let me go look (I sign onto my account). I can't believe it! He was added there today. I didn't even ask for him."

Compassion Guy: "Well, that's odd."

Usually, Compassion correspondent children have to be requested. I didn't request one. Compassion has no record of me requesting one.

This boy just showed up on my account.

God must really want this little guy in my family. I must be meant to write to him.

I am absolutely happy to introduce to you Kwizera from Rwanda:

Name: Kwizera
Country: Rwanda
Age: 7
Birthday: November 15th
Grade in School: 2nd
School Performance: Average
Chores: Cleaning, Carrying Water, Running Errands
Interests: Soccer, Rolling a Hoop, Marbles, Cars, Running
Guardians: Father and Mother, Married, Both Famers
The regional diet in his community consists maize, beans, bananas, and potatoes. Common health problems in this area are malnutrition, worms, and malaria. Most adults in his community work as farmers and earn only the U.S equivalent of $9 a month. This community needs scholastic materials and more suitable land for farming. 


  1. How awesome!! I'd love to get more kids to write to, but they keep telling me that 3 is the limit! Maybe one will just show up on my account someday, too! : )

    1. Haha. Who knows! I certainly wasn't expecting mine!

  2. Oh my goodness... he is so cute! Your miracle child. :)

    1. He is definitely my miracle child. I am just overwhemled with happiness today. He is precious, and now my youngest little guy.

  3. Very cool - he's blessed to have you!

    1. I feel completely blessed to have him.

  4. Wow! Such a neat surprise for you!