Friday, September 14, 2012

Food Perspectives

Lately, I've been struggling with food. Not in the sense that I am eating too much or that I'm not eating enough, just in the fact that I'm getting bored in my variety of food.

Which is nothing short of ridiculous. You guys, I have more food options open to me, than every single child I sponsor. Heck, if I only had 10 choices of foods to eat, I'd have more food options available to me than every single child I sponsor.

So, I did a little research. I signed my Compassion account and looked at the reginal diets of each of my children. I also did some research into the countries of the kids I sponsor through World Vision. All 10 of my children's diets can be summed up in 1-3 pictures. Wow. Just Wow. To put things into food perspective for myself, and anybody else who is interested, I'm going to share what each of my children eat on a daily basis. And that's all they have. They can't just run down the street and buy some fast food when they don't feel like eating it again.

Celeste in Honduras eats chicken, rice, beans, and tortillas.
Kalpesh in India eats curry, chicken, rice, and potatoes.
Eric in Uganda eats irish potatoes, a paste made from maize, and veggies like cabbage.
Sadiya in India eats apples, oranges, and biscuit type cookies. Seriously, that's it.
Sagar in India eats rice with curry, chicken, and flatbread.
Sagitaria in Indonesia eats fish, rice, cassava, and friend bananas.
Yonas in Ethiopia eats a porridge made with teff (local grain) and flatbread. Really, that's about it.

Abu-Bakarr in Sierra Leone eats rice, cassava leaf paste, boiled cassava, and beans.
Xhuliano and Florenc in Albana eat chicken, lamb, rice, and bread.
Makes me feels guilty that I complain about being bored with food. 


  1. Great post, I wonder what my kids mostly eat. Where did you look to find the photos?

    1. On my Compassion account, through the U.S account anyway, under community information, it tells you what typical foods they eat in your child's community. The pictures came from searching google.