Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More Letters!

I have been so blessed with letters in the last few days, 7 from Kalpesh on Saturday, 2 from Abu yesterday, and today I received 2 letters from Xhuliano.

This little 11 year old boy from Albania is really one of the sweetest boys I now. He writes wonderful letters and everything he says is full of so much love.

His first letter needs a little background information and some explaination. Awhile ago I wrote to Xhuliano about my best friend Kristin. I told him about how she is working in Nicaragua, helping to teach children about argriculture and health. I told him about how I love Kristin and how I miss her very much. I told him about how she came home to visit in April and how that made me very happy. There was clearly an error in translation somewhere along the because he wrote all about my husband, Kris. Hahahahaha. You have to just read the letter. He's so sweet! But it just cracks me up.


Dear my wonderful friend,

I was very happy to receive your letter again, not only me but the all family.

Are you healthy, my friend? How about your family?

We do celebrate the feast of ABC, and the whole school gather and sing, dance, and recite.

I have a good relationship with my father and we hope to celebrate his birthday on 23rd of September. We want to do a surprise for him.

I wish you to have lucky days in your life with your husband Kris, who by the way has a beautiful name. I want to thank Kris for giving you love, support, and for making you happy. God bless you both to be together forever. I hug you both with love.



Dear my friend Kayla,

I was very happy to receive your letter, your gifts, and the picture of the students that you teach and educate. You must be a very good teacher. I like the letters that you write to me. I am very happy that you think about me. Now, the weather is hot. I pray everyday for Marsela, even for you my dear friend, to have luck and health in life. I still cover myself with the blanket that you sent and I think of you everyday. We share the same opinion about your favorite animal, the sea turtle. I was happy to learn about the sea turtle from you, you are so smart. Thank you from my heart for being an amazing friend and a smart girl. God bless you!

Hugs from Xhuliano


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  1. Kayla, it's folks like you that make the world keep spinning. It's quite a different world. What a treat to read the kids' letters! Keep that goodness in your heart! :O)

    Peace, peacewytch from swapbot