Monday, June 25, 2012

Letters to My Kids: June 2012

This month I wrote my kiddos two letters.

In the first one I told the kids about some of the local animals I can see in my town. I asked them to tell me about some of the animals they can see where they live. Pretty simple, but interesting to share.

I didn't take pictures of the second letters that I wrote, but I put a lot of heart into them. I decided that this was the time for me to introduce my sponsored children to some of the other children that I sponsor. I decided that the best way to go about this was to tell each child about three other children, that way to not overwhelm any of them. I chose which children to introduce to each child based on those closest in age to them or those that have similar home lives. For example, I introduced Abu and Celeste to each other because they both live with their grandmother and siblings, no parents around. It's nice to feel connected to someone, I think.

I sent each child pictures of the three children I introduced them to and I intend to share any updated pictures of their "sponsorship friends."

I'm hoping for the best. I spent much of the letters telling each child how much I loved them and what made them special to me. I'm just hoping for no jealousy. 


  1. Some of my sponsored kids know about some of my other sponsored kids lol. I didn't tell any of them about all 10 (with my corrospondance kids) as I thought it was a bit much. In one of her letters, Kajal asked me "How are keila, Cris, Esperance and Linda doing?" (the ones she knows about) but otherwise, none of them have really mentioned each other. (Though I have since answered her question and told her more about how the others were doing and asked her to pray for them (I didn't tell her about any more kids) so we'll see if she answers or not. I haven't sent pictures but if she continues to show an interest I might.

  2. Love the idea about sharing local animals!

  3. The letter about the animals is a great idea! I'm so going to have to do that! I've told my longest sponsored child about my other sponsored child, but not my correspondent child. She hasn't responded.