Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Letter From Eric!!!!

After almost five months, I have received a letter from Eric. I am just beyond happy! He truly sounds like a wonderful young man. He is almost 17 years old, but he is only in primary 4th grade. He told me how he is struggling with his school work and would like some prayer.

Part of the letter is written by Eric and the other part is written by a project worker.

Dear Kayla,

I am greet you in the name of the Jesus Christ. How are you and how is your life? Back to me, I am okay. My family members are greeting you. I have on brother. I am in primary four. I like two subjects, eg: mathematicas and science, only I don't have a lot of knowledge, but I do know Jesus.


From Project Workers:

Eric is a good boy struggling with handwriting and English language and hopes for improvement. He says he is glad for the concern and all the love you have for him and that he enjoys receiving mails from you.

Eric says that in Uganda, people do not ice skate because we do not experience winter season.

In Uganda, we are experiencing raining weather but we are just coming to the long dry season from mid-may to mid-september.

Eric says that he prays to God so that one day he will look at your face to face as well as his whole family.

He adds that you pray for him so that he can acheive success in school and in academics. And that his brother Moses is in school and is primary one.

He says that he is praying that God blesses you so much and he wishes you God's favor.

All from you loving son, Eric


  1. The most important kind of knowledge is to know Jesus!

    1. That's for sure! I wrote him back telling him just that.