Saturday, June 2, 2012

Awesome Website For Compassion Pictures

Hey everyone! A great gal named Teresa showed me this awesome website. If you go to this site, you can search pictures to see other children in your Compassion child's project. You can also search for pictures of your children's siblings, if they are also registered in the project. Here's the site:

Where the capitilized INSERT-YOUR-CHILDS-ID-#-HERE is, completely delelte and put in your child's id number, remove all hyphons. This should take you to your child's info page. Then you can change the number up or down some to see other children. For example, if your child's ID # ends in 115, you can change it to 114 or 116 to see other children in the project. You can continue to do this until you see every child in the program, if you wish to.

An added bonus, if you know your sponsored children's siblings names, you can see their pictures! Most siblings are registered at the same time, so there numbers should only be different by one number, the same things, moving up or down a number.

Keep in mind that most families can only register 1-2 children based on family circumstances, so Compassion can help as many families as possible.

I have three Compassion kids. Two of them have siblings, but they appeared to not be registered. However, my Kalpesh has a younger sister named Sheela. I checked before and after Kalpesh's picture and I found her!

Brother and Sister. What a blessing! She's a beauty.

They don't look anything alike (haha)


  1. Glad you found a sibling :) And I think they look alike actually... they have identical noses!

    1. I think the look identical! I was hoping the (haha) would show sarcasm.

    2. Lol! Okay I read it while tired and was wondering what you were talking about and how you didn't think they looked alike rofl! I just interpreted the haha as you finding it funny that two siblings didn't look alike.