Friday, June 22, 2012

Farewell to Meena

On Tuesday, I got a phone call from Compassion. I was at work and I was not able to answer it. They left a message. During my lunch break, I checked the message and got something along the lines of:

"Kayla, I was hoping to speak to you personally (uh-oh, never a good thing). I wanted to let you know that you will no longer be able to correspond with Meena because her project will be closing. Call back if you have any questions."

Any questions?! I had a lot!

After both calling and emailing, all of my questions were answered for me. Aren't the people who work at Compassion just wonderful?

It turns out that Meena's project is closing because the community no longer needs Compassion's assistance. The email I got from them said this:

"Project termination; DPT IN-556 Prj Term FL/FG: Y/Y; The community has seen a decrease in poverty and the church partner leadership no longer requires Compassion's support for working among children. We met with the church partner and can see the direct impact within the community. Children may continue to attend regular church activities and will receive direct benefits from the church partner without the assistance of Compassion. Child completed grade 10; will continue school"

It was explained to me that FL/FG: Y/Y means "Final Letter/Final Gift: Yes/Yes." It means that I am able to send both of these things to her. I think I'll only be able to send her a final letter, but I for sure am going to make it a good one. Compassion told me that I have to have the letter into the office by September. It won't take that long for me to write it, but I do have a lot to think and pray about before I sit down to write it.

I am so happy to hear that Compassion has done it's job and Meena's community can now be self sufficient, the church helping out the community on its own.

Still, it's bittersweet. I was hoping to have more time with Meena (is there ever really enough time?) I've only been corresponding with Meena since October, but I've written so many letters and got seven letters in return. I feel like we have really gotten to know each other. I'm going to miss her long, wonderful letters.

I am very happy that is going to continue going to school. Her dream is to become an archaelogist, which I know she can do if she keeps up her good work at school! Meena is also a wonderful Christian and loves God with her whole heart.

I know she is going to be okay.

God Bless Meena!

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  1. It's always sad to let kids go, but what a wonderful reason! This is really something to shows that what Compassion is doing really is successful!