Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kalpesh's Project Letter

Because I haven't written enough about Kalpesh lately, haha, I am going to post about the letter from his project facilitator today. I've said it before, but I just love these letters. It's great to know more about where my kids spend so much of their time and who they are spending that time with.

Dear Kayla,

My name is David, Field-Based Partnership Facilitator. I have the privivlege to be able to facilitate the Project IN-905, where Kalpesh is registered and nutured. Children in this project live in abject poverty and face multiple challenges in life, so are blessed and privileged to have sponsors like you who care for them and inspire them.

I would like to apprise you about the community where your sponsor child lives and how he is influenced positively by the project. I have the opportunity to visit the project regularly. I meets staffs who work with the children, to understand the progress. I get the privilege of visiting homes of the project children to undertand the overall development that is happening in the life of the child and family.

Kalpesh lives in the tribal belt. The major tribes present here are called Mouchi, Kokni, and Bhil Tribes. 70% of the people in this place are illiterate, out of which women are the most.

Occupation of the people here is mainly agriculture. They cultivate only once a year, during the monsoon for the 3 months from second week of June to third week of September. And then they migrate to the city for daily labor and earn their living during the other seasons. While migrating sometimes they take their children along with them and otherwise they live their children behind, under the care of the older children or grandparents. The children themselves cook and do all the activities in their home.

The staple food of the people is rice and chapatti (a type of thin flat Indian bread) and also they consume lot of cereals and vegetables. They consume meat for a maximum of twice in a month. People build their houses mainly of bamboo which is plastered with a mix of cow dung and clay.

Children in this area are vulnerable to malaria, diarrhea, and water borne diseases. Through your support, Kalpesh is privileged to undergo medical examination by professional medical practitioner followed by regular treatment.

Some of the major problems the project address are alcoholism, child marriage, child drop out, gender discrimination, and child labor. Through regular awareness program, family fellowships, and prayer meetings, these are addressed and results are witnessed. Also the project is able to share the love of God to the children and families.

Children come to the project around 7:30 a.m and then go to school around 10:30 a.m. They have the opportunity to stay for 3 hours and on Saturdays 4 hours. They are taught on various livelihood skills based on the local context that can generate income. And even the parent of the child learns to acquire an income generating skill and support the child and family in a much better way. There are 164 children enrolled.

I would liek to thank you especially for your significant contribution you are able to make in the life of Kalpesh. There are times when all children do not receive letters from their sponsors. If you are able to send short letters, even that brings immense joy and happiness to your child. The staffs are working very hard to make a difference in the life of children. I am praying for you daily and I believe that God is doing marvelous things in your life. You are such a blessing to us!


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