Monday, June 4, 2012

Mail Call From Meena

My beautiful Meena writes the best letters ever. She gets my letters in bulk, usually 6 at a time, so once every three months. I'm guessing this letter was written sometime in March. I think it took longer to get here than usual. I love when Meena writes to me because she acknowledges everything I write to her and she truly understands how wonderful of a young woman she is. Who ever thought I would love a 16 year old this much? Haha.

Dear Aunty,

Loving praise the Lord froms your beloved Meena. I was very happy to receive 6 letters dated from 17th Dec. to 13th Feb. Beautiful postcards, stickers, and pictures. Thank you very much. I too love to admire moon and stars at night. It's really very nice to look at. Psalm 8:3 also touch me very much. It's amazing to know that each and every star have their own location. (I wrote her about the stars and the moon and how God created each one).

The thing you said about one word, Trust, it really sound good, but I don't have such experience. (I told her about how I will be working on trusting God more this year). But I pray that God to give me such experience. I feel much glad to know about the snowflakes and the uniquness. Thank you very much for telling the speciality I have in Christ and how unique I am in Jesus Christ! (I told her about how each snowflake is unique and special, just like her).

This time, I got all the six letters together. Here, we get local mail daily, but in Compassion they have a specific day to deliver letters to the sponsored children. We don't have mail every day. ( I asked her about how she received her mail).

I was very glad to receive the letter before Easter. I read Mark chapter 15-16. It's really wonderful thing that God has done for our sins. He died to make us live with him forever. I accepted Lord Jesus as my savior in 8th grade. Thank you very much for the stickers that tell the Easter story and the cross to color. I'll surely share the stickers with my brother Prasanth and my friends.  (I told her about the Easter story)

I am very glad to know about the importance of Valentine's Day. I am blessed to be your beloved and my place in your heart. I am grateful to be your child as you care for my health, happiness, and education. I am much blessed as God loves more than you do. (I told her that I love her so much, but God loves her even more.) I read the letter that says about the love God has for me. I will surely share it with my friends. (I sent her the Love Letter From God).

Further, thank you very much for the blank card to send to my best friend. Further, it's only because of you dear aunty I receive all that I need through Compassion. My parents and brother also conveyed their love and greetings to you. I always remember you in my prayers. Closing with much love, hugs, and kisses.

Yours lovingly,

She wrote about each letter separately. I just love that. I feel like we have similar writing styles. We both seem to like to address each part of the letters to each other separately, making sure we don't miss anything.

I love this girl! 


  1. What a lovely letter! Wonderful details!

    I have asked my children when they receive letters, but haven't heard back about the frequency.

    1. I know! She's truly a wonderful writer. I've been corresponding with her since October and this was the 6th letter I've gotten from her. Not bad at all!