Monday, June 4, 2012

Introducing Iris!

It has happened again, guys. When I think my sponsorship family is complete, God shows me that he has other plans for me. I am now the proud sponsor of a beautiful 10 year old girl from Honduras. Meet Iris...

I was instantly drawn to her beauty queen personality. It literally just shines right through her eyes. She looks like a strong and confident little girl. I just love her.

My friend Amanda, over at Our Compassionate Adventure is visiting Honduras this month. One project that she is visiting had many children waiting for sponsors She has been posting children on her blog and finding them sponsors so quickly. She has also offered that any children that are sponsored through her blog she will be able to visit. She also offered to bring a gift to each of these children. What a wonderful woman she is.

 On Thursday, May 31st, she posted seven girls from that project waiting for sponsors. I was immediately drawn to Iris. I posted a comment on the blog how drawn to Iris I was and how I would love to sponsor her. I began to pray and think about her. My biggest prayer was to be sure that I didn't want to sponsor this girl simply because Amanda was going to visit her, give her a gift, and take pictures of her. Sponsoring for selfish reasons is never a good idea. I realized that this was not the reason I wanted to sponsor, though it is a huge perk!

Today, Amanda posted again that out of those seven girls, three were still waiting, Iris was one of them. Again, I commented that I would really really love to sponsor her and I was praying for her. An hour later, God put it on my heart that I was meant to be her sponsor. That green light moment from God is always both exciting and terrifying at the same time. I instantly was overcome with emotion, how would I afford to pay for her sponsorship? Could I truly do it? God ensured me that yes, I could do it, but not without His help. My new year's resolution for this year was to Trust. Trust that God knows what he is doing. Trust that He will lead my life where it needs to go. He has lead me to two more children since then, Florenc, and now Iris.

I emailed Amanda and told her the good news. Tomorrow morning, she will call Compassion and put her on hold for me. On my lunch break, I will be calling Compassion and making it official. This will be very first sponsored child through Compassion International. This will also be the first girl that God has lead me to sponsor. What a joyous day!

Amanda leaves for Honduras on June 14th. So soon! On June 17th, she'll be at Iris's project. She's going to give her a gift of a Dora doll, a photo album, a shirt, a jump rope, a coloring book, and crayons. Did I mention that she is paying for this gift out of her own pocket...for all of the 10 children that were sponsored! How wonderful is she! I am so glad to have met her through the child sponsorship blog community.

When she comes back from her trip, she's going to have so many stories to share and I'm going to have wonderful pictures of Iris, her family, and her project.

I am just so happy. God is so good!


  1. Wow - what an exciting way to begin your sponsorship! And what an amazing thing Amanda is doing!

    1. I think it's exciting too! I'm so excited about my beautiful little princess. I'm pumped to know that Amanda is going to be able to meet her and tell her how much I already love her. I'm also excited about the pictures she's going to take, because I have no doubt she'll get a picture of her smiling. Yay!

  2. Oh Kayla, I am sooo excited that you sponsored Iris! She is just gorgeous! You are going to love getting to know her :). How cool it will be to see the pictures that Amanda take. That is so awesome that she is going to be meeting her!! This makes me want to sponsor another child :)

    1. I am so happy too! There are still parts of me doubting that I can make this possible, but God keeps reminding me that I thought my sponsorship of my dear Florenc wouldn't be possible, and I'm three months in and honestly have missed the money at all. I know that I can do it with God's help!