Thursday, April 11, 2013

Touching Thursday: Longest Waiting Children

This week, I have chosen three children who have been waiting over 250 days for a sponsor. That is over 8 months. That is a long time for a small child to wait to hear that somebody loves them enough to invest in their lives.

Can you show one of this children love?

Taseni has been sponsored!
I am just in love with this boy
Name: Ratual
Age: 8
Birthday: March 25th, 2005
Country: Bangladesh
Guardians: Father & Mother
Number of Siblings: 1
Chores: Carrying Water
Hobbies: Soccer & Group Games
School Performance: Average in Primary School
Compassion Activities: Church Activities

Maria has found a loving sponsor!


  1. Aaww, Taseni melts my heart. I love how he's standing tilted haha

    1. I agree. He is just so precious.