Thursday, April 4, 2013

Letter from Elias's Pastor

It's time for another round of pastor letters! Both of my newest kiddos, Elias and Lea Mae, have pastor letters from their community. Today I will share Elias's with you and tomorrow, you can read Lea Mae's.

I know that I've said it before, but I just love these letters. It gives a brief look into what the project is about and what the community is like.


Dear Sponsor,

Many greetings from Ethiopia in the name of our Lord.

My name is Girma Haile and I am pastor and Mehale Dire Dawa Mesere Kristos Church. We minister to your sponsored child through the Compassion Child Sponsorship Program at our Mehale Dire Dawa Mesere Kristos Child Development Center. I am grateful for the support you have been offering through Compassion for the holistic development of your sponsored child.

Our center is located in Dire Dawa, in the Eastern part of Ethiopia. Different nationalities and peoples live here. Their daily earnings come from trade, but this business is now falling down; therefore, peope are in crisis. There are also evil influences in this town which suffers economical, social, and spiritual collapse. Illegal video shows, drugs, and gangs are traps to the young people. Many families are breaking and children often live on the street.

(Actual traders from Dire Dawa)
(These boys really are street children from Dire Dawa)

Through working with children at the center, we have been able to preach the Word of God, as well as provide material needs to the community. I am witness to these changes in children and their families. The children have developed social integrity. They can feed themselves and they have good sleep. They have new clothing and wear beautiful shirts, jeans, and pairs of shoes. They receive education opportunities and become students who like to stay in learning. They take medical checkups and have better physical health. Children show attitude change and their families show lifestyle change. Some children and parents have excepted Jesus as their Savior. They learn the Word of God and go to church attentively.

Regardless of the current economic crisis that has affected the whole globe, you are being a model in providing support and change for your sponsored child.

Grima Haile,



  1. As always, I love how you share the pastors letters with photos!! Thanks!!

    1. I think everything is better with a picture. Check back tomrorow for another pastor letter!