Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Have I Mentioned Lately How Much I Love Abu?

Oh, it's been a few days?  Well, it's about time I do it again.


In October, I sent a financial gift to him. With World Vision, all family gifts have to be at least $100, so I save up for them for a long time. One of the most amazing things with these gifts through WV, is that you are absolutely garaunteed a picture of the child and what was bought with the gift. I love seeing these pictures of what Abu was able to buy and how amazingly far money can go in a 3rd world country.

After 6 long months, the picture is here! I have stared at if for hours today before posting it on my blog. It's just too beautiful. 

First, his smile. It's beaming! I have been sponsoring Abu for over 5 years and this is the very first time that I've seen him smile. It goes right to my heart. I will hold that smile in my heart always. I fully intend on telling Abu that now that I know he can smile, I will expect nothing less. ;)

Second, he looks so healthy. In his last picture, he was stick. His arms and legs were so skinny and his cheeks were sunken in. Awhile back, he was able to buy a big bag of rice, so I'm very glad to see that he has been eating enough.

Lastly, he was able to buy so many things this time! A new outift, shoes, a bag of more clothes, a big bag of rice, and a STACK of school supplies. Look at all that paper!

Okay, okay, without futher ado, here is the infamous picture:

The picture came with this letter:
Dear Kayla,
Your child, Abu-Bakarr extends many thanks and happiness for your gift that you send for him and his family and they were very happy to get the $100 U.S dollars. They said thank you, Kayla.
This gift was received with happiness and many prayers from the family for your good support and they received with thanks.
He said, he was happy with what they bought for him and he think and pray for you and you are doing well for him and thank you very much for your good support.
Once more, the family of Abu-Bakarr appreciate and thank you for all what you are doing for him. Thank you, Kayla. May the Lord bless you with much love!
Your Child,


  1. LOVE this smile, too!! Such a handsome young man! So cool that you always get a picture to see what they bought with the money!

    1. I agree, he is absolutely handsome! Everyone looks better with a smile, too. I do like that part of World Vision a lot, always getting a picture. The gift has to be more expensive, so I can only do it every so often, but I love to see an update of what Abu looks like.

  2. Abu looks so healthy now, and very happy under your care! I'm so happy for you. Look at all the things they were able to buy. I'm glad to hear that you have been hearing from him pretty often. That's great!