Monday, April 15, 2013

Long Letter from Sagar!

This long awaited letter is amazing! At the beginning, he is thanking me for a money gift that was sent to him after I sponsored him.

Dear Sponsor Kayla ,

Loving greetings! It's a great joy for me to write this letter to you. With the gift you sent me, I received new clothes, school supplies, such as textbooks, notebooks, pencil box, school bag, and synopsis guidebooks for the subjects I find tough. Even though my father has died, yet by witnessing all the gifts and love I have received from you brought tears to my mother and grandmother's eyes. And we are so grateful to you!

Now that I have all the study materials, I am studying hard and I am regularly going to school. my sister Tanisha too has received her birthday gift as she is also sponsored of Compassion.
Presently, the weather is winter here, and slightly it has gotten warmer. Last month we celebrated Christmas with utter joy! We, along with other children, were taken to a beautiful garden along with our parents. We sang songs. We loved the Christmas pageant! And from the skit we saw, we were able to know that Jesus's birth was supernatural and that he was the king, yet he took the lowliest place on earth and loved us with a love that no one could over love. He loves us children so much! We really had the best time of our lives! We also received new clothes and Indian sweets on that day. We were so glad indeed!

Thank you for being so kind and loving. Know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers.
Loving Child, Sagar



  1. What an amazing letter!! I love that line that your gift brought tears to his mother and grandmother's eyes. And that is so neat that his sister, Tanisha, is sponsored and she also received a gift!!

    1. It was definitely an emotional read for me. That sentence made me cry too. I feel such a connection to this family. I am so happy that God connected us.