Monday, April 8, 2013

Rocking Letter from Kwizera Yves!

When I felt the cream colored envelope I got today, it felt unusually thick. My mind thought that it was a letter from Sagar with a picture of what he bought with his gift money.

However, when I opened it, it was a letter from Kwizera!

I should note, that he actually goes by his second name, Yves, so that is how I will be referring to him from now on. I'm even going to change the labels on all of the posts about, so you probably won't even notice, haha.

Anyway, this letter was extra awesome. It was actually two letters in one. One was the "My Christian Learning" template. Attached to that was a long letter answering many of the questions that I've asked him over the last few months.

I am certainly falling in love with this little boy.

Here's the template letter:


1. I learn the most about the Christian God from: Church

2. In my project I am learning about the Christian God: His love. And He stays with us always.

3. In my project I am learning about the bible: Story of Jesus, Elijah, Moses, Joseph, and Noah.

4. My favorite bible story is: The story of Joseph

5. My favorite bible verse is: Jeremiah 25:11

6. My favorite thing I learned about Jesus is: He died for us.

7. My favorite song to sing at my project is: I am a Sheep of Jesus

8. When I pray to Jesus, I pray about:  Knowledge, protect my family, protect the project workers, and bless my sponsor.

Dear Kayla,

Yves greets you in the name of Jesus Christ. He wished to answer some of the questions that you've asked him and he appreciates you for the letters that you sent to him. Rwanda is a small country in East Africa. I like rice, meat, and chips.


Here's the 2nd letter I received today!


Dear Kayla,

My favorite subject is English. My parents are farmers and I wish to be a driver. My favorite color is Red. My favorite sport is football. In Rwanda we cultivate potatoes, bananas, coffee, tea, sorghum, beans, sweet potatoes, maize, and cassava.

We are 6 people at home. Father, mother, and my 3 sisters. I am the 6th. Their names are: Father is Aphrodis, Mother is Bernadette. My sisters are Magnifique, Pacifique, and Rachel.

We request you to pray for us so that we can get a house. Pray for us so that we can progress in our studies. Pray for my father so that God can heal him because he is sick.

I wish to see the White House in America. If I get the means I can go there.

Rwanda is surrounded by Uganda, Kenya, DRE, and Burundi. Thank you so much for the photos that you sent to me. It pleased me. I was glad to hear the story of Easter.

I love you so much and I appreciate you.



  1. What great letters!!!! I love the themed templates because I'm able to learn so much about the various topics. I also love the story of Joseph!! I also love how he answered your questions....that's so neat that he shared about his family and that he wants to see the White House. I hope he's able to someday.

    1. I totally forgot to mention that I sent him a picture of the White House. At Target, I got this boxed set of cards that show famous landmarks from around the world. I sent 3 cards to each child (that I had at the time). I chose 3 landmarks in the U.S to send to Yves.