Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sadiya's Updated Photo and Information

A couple of days ago, Sadiya's photo disappeared off of my account. Usually, I would be extremely nervous, because typically, when a child's photo disappears from you account, they are being dropped by their financial sponsor or they are leaving the program for some reason.

However, I knew that her information was ready to update and I excitedly waited to see a new picture! And here it is! I'll post her previous photo first.

Sadiya, age 7, 2011

Sadiya, age 9, 2013
Here's her new information (Not much has changed, not even hobbies):
Grade in School: 2nd Grade (The school year starts in April, so I'm sure she'll start 3rd grade very soon)
School Performance: Average
Family Duties: Carrying Water & Sewing
Hobbies: Group Games & Hide-and-Seek
Guardians: Father (Tailor) & Mother (Now works as a laborer for daily wages)

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