Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Letter from Sagitaria! (1 of 2 Letters Received Today)

This letter is amazing! It's 4 pages long and answers every question that I've asked her over the last few months. These long letters with all of my questions answered seems to be a theme with my kiddos lately. I love that!

Dear Kayla ,
Greetings of peace to you, Mama Kayla. How are you Mama Kayla over there? I am just fine down here. During the new year holiday, my family and I went to Rawang. I saw rice fields in Rawang. How was your new year Mama Kayla? Was it pleasant? I had a one week holiday during that time.
Thank you for your letter, Mama Kayla. Also for the stickers and picture to be colored. Also for the gift you sent me.
Answers to my sponsor's questions:
1. What is your house made of? Wood Planks
2. Who lives in your home with you? Mother, older brother, older sister, younger sibling.
3. Where do you sleep? Do you have a bed? Matt. I do not have a bed.
4. Do you have electricity in your home? There is electricity at my house.
5. Where do people get water in your community? I get water from my surroundings
6. How do people typically travel around your community? By foot/walking
7. How does Compassion help in your community? By helping a child who is financially in need
8. How many children are registered in your Compassion project? 178 children
9. What do you like the most about your project? Drawing pictures
10. What food is typical in your community? Saksang
11. Do you know of Hello Kitty? I don't know Hello Kitty
12. How is your family doing? My family is fine
13. What do your parents do for work? My father and mother work as a fisherman and a farmer.
14. How did you celebrate the New Year? In my country, we celebrate the new year's eve by playing fireworks and gathered together with family.
15. What is your goal for the new year? My target in 2013 is becoming the best student in my class
My the Lord Jesus Bless You,
Here's the picture Sagitaria drew me of the rice fields in her village


  1. I love how Sagitaria called you "Mama Kayla"!! She sounds like such a sweet girl!! And that's so wonderful that she answered your questions. It's always so neat to learn about the project too! I think she has a great become the best student in her class in 2013. And such a cute photo!

    1. I absolutely LOVE that she calls me Mama Kayla. I will definitely be her American Mama! I hope that she accomplishes her goal with flying colors! In my next letter, I'm going to ask her what her current rank at school is, to see how far she's gotta go.