Monday, April 29, 2013

The First Letter from Melaku!

A first letter is always so exciting. This letter from Melaku was written before he knew that I even existed and my name has been penciled in. But still, it's always nice to learn that basic information about a sponsored child.

I am happy to share this letter with you today:

Dear: Kayla
My name is: Melaku
I am 20 years old
My parents Names: Maaza & Kebede
My Sisters' & Brothers' Names: Tedros, Dawit, & Hewan (all brothers)
My Favorite Things:
Best Game: Soccer
Best Food: Egg
Best School Subject: Math
Best Pets: Sheep
Best Bible Story: Noah
Best Color: Yellow
Best Song: Jesus is my Peace
Best Holiday: Christmas
I live in: Mojo town, a place particually known as Megala.
When I grow up I want to be: A driver
Message for my sponsor: I love you so much. I would be glad if you came to my country to see me
Questions for my sponsor: What is your job? Are you married? Do you have kids? What do you like?
Please pray that: I may reach what I want to be


  1. That's so neat that his first letter contains so much info about him!!! I love that he already loves you although it's his first letter--and that he wants you to come visit!! I can only imagine how excited he was/will be when he begins to receive all your letters!!!

    1. I think so too! I know that it was written before he even knew about me, but still, I like that it shows how much he was going to love his potential/eventual sponsor. I hope we can develop a good relationship and I hear from him a few more times before he graduates from the program in January.