Sunday, July 28, 2013

Xhuliano's Progress Report: 2013

Another progress report makes it's way to my mailbox! I always love sharing these on my blog. There is always so much good information in these things. Plus, a new photo! That is always an ultimate blessing.

Here is what my dear Xhuliano looks like this year. He is 12 years old. He'll be 13 in December.

I wish they had the kids stand next to a height chart or something. I would love to see how much they grow from year to year.

Child Name: Xhuliano
My Nickname Is/My Relatives and Friends Call Me: Binas

This Year I Go To: Secondary School Grade 6
My Favorite Subject Is: French
I am getting Good grades at school
My Close Friend's Name Is: Allerisch
We are 24 pupils in my class 

My Health Condition Is: Satisfactory

My Favorite Fruit Is: Strawberry
My Favorite Food Is: Meat
I Like Wearing: Sports Clothes
My Favorite Color For Clothes Is: Black
The Flower I Like Most Is: Gilly Flower
The Most Precious Thing For Me Is: My Diary, Your Letter, Your Photo

I Was Very Happy When: I received a photo from you, I received a letter/gift from you, You showed you cared for me, I see the changes in my family and community. 

Some Activities I Took Part in Last Year: Birthday Celebration & Life Skills Activities 

My Greatest Achievement This Year Is: Becoming part of a football team

Something New About My Family: I've got a nephew (I'm a little confused about this. He only has two younger sisters, that I know of) 

My Message For You: You are my best friend! 


  1. Aww! What a great report! I love that his favorite things include your letter and photo. And I agree...I wish both Compassion and World Vision had growth charts (and I wish Compassion updated once a year!).

    1. Granted, it was a checklist, haha. His choices were: Your Letter, Your Photo, Your Gift, and Other.