Monday, July 8, 2013

An Informative Letter from Sadiya

I was surprised to receive a letter from Sadiya on Friday because it hasn't even been two months since I last heard from her. I love that she likes to write so often because it is definitely good to hear from her.

Sadiya doesn't write her own letters yet, so a tutor writes for her. I think the tutor writes very well and he does a great job sharing details about Sadiya's life.


Dear Sponsor Kayla,

I, with Sadiya, greet you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, who is our Lord. By the grace of God, through your prayers, Sadiya and her family are doing good here in India (New Delhi). Also hoping same about you. They were living in rental house for last five years in one place. But now, due to some reason the owner has told them to vacate the place, so they have gone to different place, a little farther from our project and they are doing good. She got pass in class 2nd and is not promoted to class 3rd. Sadiya is very good and regular in the project. She got medical checkup, like blood test. She also got some routine injections. 

She is very much fond of winter season, because here in India, there is no snowfall in North Delhi. And it's good to have some hot drinks and snacks. She doesn't like summer season because in North Delhi it's very hot. It goes to 48 degrees Celcius. (That's hot! 118 degrees F.)

Her school will remain off from second week of May - June last. 

Please do remember her and her family that they may grow in God. We do always praying for your love and support towards Sadiya. 

Yours in Christ Jesus



  1. 48°? Now that is hot! Today in Scotland its 25° & we're all sweltering haha! Altho we're not used to it, its usually rainy & windy ha!

    Great letter, I love how much info she shared

    1. 25 degrees C and you're sweltering? I agree that 48 C is super hot, but it does get up around 36-36 degrees C here, where I live, in the summer. Side note: I had to look up how to say all of that in Celcius. I have no knowledge of Celcius temperatures.

  2. I don't blame Sadiya for not liking the hot letter!! And how good to know that her living situation is ok. I love how Compassion has the kids get routine check-ups!! It's so neat to hear stuff like that in the letters...just confirmation that the project is actually following through.

    1. I love the hot weather! But, I typically am happiest when it's under 100 degrees.

      I agree with you, it's nice to see that the project is holding up it's end of the bargain. I do feel for Sadiya, having to get some injections.

  3. Yeah, it never goes above 25 here. And even 25 is a rarity, we get 3-5 days a year if we're lucky ha!. Summers here are usually just dull & grey & not really summer at all haha. Thats why i go to the likes of Spain in the summer when I can, to get a proper summer.
    I dont know how to work degrees farenheit haha