Monday, July 29, 2013

Good Information from Karanja!

It is always great to get a letter from Karanja in the mail. You can tell he works so hard to write in English. You go, man!


Dear Kayla, 

How are you? I hope you are fine together with your sister. I am doing well with my sisters and brothers. First, I want to thank you for replying to my letter. 

Thank you for sponsoring me. God will bless you. I have five sisters and four brothers. It is fun to be part of a big family. You asked me what our house is made of. Our house is made of iron sheets and I live in the house with my mother, father, and cousins. My brothers and sisters are all grown up. We do not have electricity in our house. We get water from a community water hole and pay ten shillings per jerri can. 

Greet your sister and goodbye




  1. Aw, he's a good writer, such a nice boy:) I got 6 letters last week! Was so amazed, its lovely to have the letters coming in:)

  2. Wow! He has a big family! I can't imagine living like he does...the letters about their homes are so eye-opening.

    1. Well, he did say that none of his other siblings live with them, that they are all grown up and out of the house. Though, who knows how many cousins he has living with him.