Saturday, July 27, 2013

Looking for a Sponsor for Anan

Every week, Compassion updates their website and adds more children that are waiting for sponsors. Each week, I check three different groups of children, so I can pray over the kids that jump out at me. I always check the kids from India, the kids from Honduras, and the kids with special needs.

Yesterday, a sweet boy from Thailand just jumped off the page and into my heart. Meet Anan:

Precious Anan is listed as "developmentally disabled." I know enough by his physical characteristics that he has Down Syndrome. But, there is so much more to him, and people with the same "disability". People with down syndrome are some of the sweetest people that God put on this Earth. They are so loving, always willing to hug everyone they come across. They typically have the best smiles and a wonderful sense of humor. 

I just know whoever decides to sponsor Anan will be blessed beyond measure. 

Like I said, Anan is from Thailand. He is 8 years old and his birthday is February 18th, 2005. He lives with his parents and two siblings. Anan helps out his family by doing household chores. 

Sadly, Anan is not attending school. I'm guessing that due to his special needs, there is not a local school that is equipped to handle him. As a teacher, I know how much benefit there is to having children with special needs included into the classroom. I wish he was able to attend a school. 

For fun, Anan loves to ride his bike, play soccer, and singing. 


Well, a friend and I will be sponsoring Anan. We just both love him too much to see somebody else sponsor him. We are beyond excited! 


  1. How is Anan doing? Any letters from him yet? Can't wait to hear about this sweet fella on your blog :)

    1. Hi there. The friend that I was co-sponsoring Anan with has taken over his sponsorship fully on her own, but I am still helping her out with things to send him. She has not received a letter from him yet, so we are anxiously waiting!