Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Plans for Xhuliano

In this letter, Xhuliano is talking more about the gifts that he was able to buy with some money I sent him. He is also sharing plans for his summer vacation with me. It's a very nice letter!


Dear Kayla,

I received your letter and once again I like your letter a lot, because you wrote very sweet and beautiful words to me. I was glad to hear that you liked my photo. I like your photos too, because you are such a good, beautiful, and well-behaved girl. I am still excited regarding the new bike I got. I am very glad riding it. Stelina just learned to ride it. I take Marsela with me sometimes when I ride my bike and she is happy about that. I thank God everyday for me a wonderful friend like you. You will be forever in my heart and will be always unforgettable to me and my family. 

Yes, my friend, we use the forks and plates every day. As many times as we sit to eat, we remember you. Thank you very much for being an important friend of us and being always close to my family in the difficult days they have had. 

I continue to be a good boy and I promise I will do my best with my studies. On June 7th, I started my summer holidays. I will spend them at home where I will help my mom in taking care of turkeys. I will take them together with the sheep and two lambs to feed all of them in the fields. I love the sheep and the two lambs we own a lot. 

I love you very much! I thank you and your family for everything you are doing for us. I wish you have a happy summer time! God bless you! May you have good health. 




  1. What a great letter!! It feels like I'm reading part of your conversation with him. It's so personal! And I love how he shared, "I like your photos too, because you are such a good, beautiful, and well-behaved girl." He really loves you!!

    1. Xhuliano is definitely a flatterer. Can't complain there!