Saturday, July 6, 2013

Birthday Brothers from Two Different Countries

Today, I have two very special young men on my heart.

July 6th marks the birthday of two of my sponsored children. Both of these boys are 14 today.

14 years ago, on this day, two baby boys were born. They were born into two very different worlds. Karanja was born in Kenya. Florenc was born in Albania. Different countries, different cultures, different families, different religions even. Though, both of them share something.. They are both living in poverty. It turns out, poverty like this looks pretty similar all over the world.



Fortunately, Florenc and Karnaja also share something else (besides a birth date). They are both sponsored children. A wonderful organization, working in the name of Jesus, came into their communities, and helped to begin turning things around. Now, these boys are able to receive the things they need to succeed in life. Physically, emotionally, educationally, and spiritually, they are being helped. 

I am so grateful for both World Vision and Compassion International for helping to give me the opportunity to be in these boys' lives. I thank God each day that he lead me to this special young men. 

Happy birthday, boys! I love you very much! 

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  1. Happy Birthday Florenc and Karanja!! What handsome young guys!!!