Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Florenc's Progress Report: 2013

Yay! It's July! I knew that Albanian progress reports would start rolling in this month, but I didn't know they'd be here so early.

Today, I received Florenc's report. Florenc just turned 14 years old this month. I will share his new picture with you and then type out all of the information that I received about him.


Isn't he handsome? 

Child Name: Florenc 

This Year I Attend: 8th Grade
My Favorite School Subject Is: Physical Education
I am getting Good grades in school
We are 12 pupils in our class
World Vision has provided: School Supplies

My heath condition is: Satisfactory

What WV has done if child had health problems: Medical Assistance Provided

My Favorite Fruit Is: Apple
My Favorite Food Is: Sweets (Haha. I love that)
My Favorite Pet Is: Dog
I Like Wearing: Sporting Clothes
My Favorite Color for Clothes Is: Brown
The Flower I Like Most Is: Violet
Most Precious Thing For Me Is: Your Photo (Melt!)
I Was Very Happy When: You Showed You Cared For Me
Some Activities I Participated in this Year: 100th Anniversary of Independence & Birthday Celebration

My Greatest Achievement This Year: He left this blank. It makes me sad. 

Something New About My Family: I wish my mother would be fine

My Message for You: I hope you are fine  


  1. Whoohoooo for Albanian progress reports!!! I hope my girl's report is on its way!!!!!

    1. I think most were sent at the beginning of June from Albania, so it shouldn't be long!

    2. Hah! It actually just came this afternoon, just one day after leaving that comment. Love these Albanian kids so much. They're amazing and so is their country!

    3. Yay! That's great! I hope you got some heartwarming answers too. I'm waiting on two more Albanian ones. Then, I'm always waiting on my progress report from Sierra Leone. I haven't gotten one from my boy there in the last two years, despite countless inquiries. I'm crossing my fingers for this year!

    4. Last year I only got one....this year I'm getting six! LOL! Five more to go....2 from Romania, 2 from India and 1 from Colombia!

  2. He is a handsome guy!! I agree with him that sporting clothes are great...they're so comfortable!! And how sweet that the most precious thing to him is your photo--talk about heart melting!!! Thanks for sharing this!!

    1. I completely agree! His hair seems to change colors in all the photos I have of him. Dark to light, light to dark. I'm guessing the seasons affect it a lot. Same ears though, haha.