Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Xhuliano is Learning Bible Stories!

When I first started sponsoring Xhuliano, I knew that he was in a sensitive country, according to World Vision. That means, due to the area that he is living in, I would not be able to send him anything related to the bible. This is due to the fact that if these letters were to land in the wrong hands, it could be a danger to Xhuliano and his family.

Though, over time, I learned that once you have developed a relationship with the child and their family, you can put in an inquiry with World Vision to ask if the family would be willing to receive a bible and to hear about scripture from you. Towards the end of last year, Xhuliano's family agreed to this. Since then, I've been sending various bible stories to Xhuliano. I've started with basis parables and "children's stories" because, even though Xhuliano is almost 13 years old, he is reading his bible for the first time.

The letter I received from Xhuliano yesterday, was the first time he has mentioned a bible story that he has learned about on his own. He's also been reading Pslams. Cool!


Dear My Friend,

I was very happy receiving your letter and that you wrote to me. I always like reading your letters. Reading them, I become very glad of having such a wonderful friend that always expresses her love to me and my family. I hope we can be inseparable friends and unforgettable ones in the hearts of each other. 

I love my teacher because she helps me with any difficulty I get in school. I ask her for everything and so I am very tranquil with my studies. I need lots of help in my school and my parents tell me that if I hear them and my teacher, I will become a wonderful child like you, my friend. 

I am glad that in your letters I read very good words and thoughts from you and I would like to thank you for all your wonderful words you write to me through your letters. I am glad that you have installed a gas warming system and so you are able to feel warm during cold times. We have got a stove at home where we cook and my mom makes her special dishes for us. 

David was a shepherd one day. Another day he became king. David did not live a perfect life and so he prayed to God. God listened to his prayers. David's prayers were like songs. We have called them Pslams and one of them is titled "Shepherd's Song." 

I wish you all the best!




  1. How great that he is studying his Bible on his own! He and Florenc seem to be really sweet boys who write often... I have to say, I really like World Vision's letter-writing policies! It's great that you hear so often from them!

    1. I definitely like WV's writing policies. However, not all of the countries are the same. Albania is a reciprocal letter country, but Sierra Leone is not.

    2. Oh, I didn't realize that! Is there a way to tell which countries are reciprocal, I wonder?

    3. Well, this is what a friend of mine told me. I'm not entirely sure how she knows, but she is an ambassador with WV, so I trust her. Though, Xhuliano is the only one that seems to respond to every letter. I hear from Florenc probably once a month, on average, so it's still pretty great.

  2. That is so neat that Xhuliano's family was open to receive a Bible and that he's now mentioned a story on his own!! I bet that's encouraging to you!