Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Florenc's Letters Come in Twos

It seems like I've found a pattern in Florenc's letters. It seems like his letter always come in pairs. They aren't dated, so I'm curious how far apart they are written. My guess is they are written about a month apart and then they are held in the Albanian office until there are enough child letters to mail in bulk.

Very interesting, I must say.

Both of Florenc's letters are short and sweet. He seems to be a very busy guy! He did take some time to answer my questions, though, so I am very grateful for that.


My Dear Sponsor, 

I was glad to receive your letter. My family too were happy for me. They are proud of me, because I try a lot to help them. 

My dad is 1.85 meters (about 6 feet) tall, while I am 1.65 meters (about 5' 3") tall. I guess I'll reach him. (I asked him how tall he was, compared to his father).

I like summer too. It's a beautiful season. 

My mom isn't so well, but she is really pleased when I get letters from you. She reads your letters. She loves you and your family. 




My Dear Sponsor,

I was very happy to receive your letter. I enjoy writing to you. Thank you for caring so much about me. I am very happy when I read the bible. Today I will be very brief because I am very busy with my studies. We have been having many tests these last days. (What a studious guy!)

How have you and your family been doing? You are a wonderful family and I love you very much. 

Lately, I have been having a tough time. My mother is not feeling very well and she was very sick in May. I feel very sad about this. (I wish there were words I could say to make him feel better).

We live in a small village that is far away from the city. Here, where we live, there is not much rain during the summer. Now it looks wonderful because everything is green and the flowers have bloomed. 

With Love, 



  1. I'm sure that your words do encourage him, although I know it can feel like it's not enough. One of our boy's father passed away last year and I had the hardest time knowing what to say in the letters...but he always thanks me for my words and tells me that they encourage him every day. So I'm thinking Florenc feels the same way. And how cute that he shared both his height and his dad's!!

    1. I do love that he answered that question for me. In a photo he sent me, he was taller than the chalkboard, so I was curious how tall he was.