Saturday, June 8, 2013

Update: Wendjy

Last week, Wendjy's photo updated. Today, his information updated too. It's always nice to see these updates of our sponsored children. Getting to see a new picture of them after nearly two years is wonderful.

This time, I got a big surprise! Wendjy was due to graduate from Compassion this year, in October. His graduation date has been changed, until October 2015. That is a big change! I have two more years with him still! I'm glad that they changed it, because he'll just be starting 12th grade in September. It didn't seem right to have him graduate Compassion while he was still in high school.

Here is his progression of photos, the last one being his newest one:

Wendjy at 14, 16, and now 18.
Here's his new information:
Name: Wendjy
Age: 18
U.S Grade Equivalent: 11th
School Performance: Average
Family Duties: Running Errands, Making Beds, Cleaning, Carrying Water, Buying/Selling in the Market, Kitchen Help.
Hobbies and Sport: Playing Drum Set, Soccer, Listening to Music, Story Telling
Guardians: Father (Farmer) & Mother (Seller in the Market)
Graduation Date: October 1st, 2015


  1. What a great new photo!! And how fun that his info just updated too!! I also love that you have 2 more years of corresponding with Wendjy.

  2. The photo usually updates first, followed shortly by the information. They are supposed to update at the same time, but the information always takes longer. I'm guessing it's because somebody has to type it all in. It's not as easy as just uploading a photo.

    I'm excited I have two more years with him too. I was only just assigned to him three months ago!

  3. I love new photos! And that's great you'll have a couple more years! I almost cried with joy when I found out I suddenly had a few more years with my Esperance (my WV girl and my first sponsored child ever)