Tuesday, June 4, 2013

An Absolute Blessing from Eric!

Last year, a woman from Our Compassion offered to take along a gift for my boy Eric, in Uganda. In January, she visited the country and she dropped the gift off at the Compassion office. I was able to pack up a gallon sized bag for him. Here's what I sent to Eric:

Today, I received a wonderful letter from Eric talking about how he received these gifts, and this letter came with three pictures. I must say, he looks pretty great in Illinois orange!

The woman in the pictures with him is his mother. I have ultimate respect for this woman. She is raising two boys (Eric, age 17 and his little brother, age 6) completely on her own.
Here is the letter that Eric wrote about the gifts:
Dearest Kayla,
Erick thanks you so, so much for your love towards him and for the gift of a watch, which he received from you. He says it updates him about time, thus improving his time management.
He goes ahead to thank you for the other gifts, including a toy car, colored pencils and notebook. These, he uses for having fun both at school and at home and most especially for drawing and painting.
Eric thanks you, Kayla, for the love and gifts that you have continuously sent to him. He says that he's very fond of them. He goes on to say that God sees all you do for him and appreciates your efforts. He will reward you according to his heavenly riches.
He thanks you for the pencils and the t-shirt that he received from you. He says that he enjoys putting it on and it makes him look smart, as you can see for yourself in the attached photos. In the photos, he is sitting with his mother, who also sends you thankful regards for you are such a concerned and caring parent: a gift from God himself to her family.
Eric has been promoted to Primary 5 and he says that he is enjoying school.
He ends by wishing you God's blessings and praying that God keeps you safely.
All with love from your son,
I love the fact that he describes himself as my son. However, he is only 6 years younger than me. I think of him more as a brother. But, whatever works!
I am so glad that he received my gift and the blessing of this letter and those photos is just wonderful.

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  1. Aww!! What a special letter and amazing photos!!! I love how he outlined how he's using each gift and how they're changing his life. Now he has better time management, fun at school and looks smart!! I know what you mean when the kids describe themselves as our children and there's not that much of an age difference! Either way, whether their children or brothers, we're all family :)