Saturday, June 15, 2013

Two Long Letters from Kalpesh!

It's always so nice to hear from Kalpesh. Don't get me wrong, I love all of my sponsored/correspondent children with my whole heart (I must have a lot of hearts, haha), but there is just something special about Kalpesh. Maybe it's because he's from the first batch of correspondent children that I ever got. Maybe it's because we've developed a wonderful relationship through our letters. Whatever the reason is, I love him very much.

Here are his letters. I'm not sure when the first letter was written, but the second one was written April 18th. The first letter was written before that.


Dearest friend Kayla, 

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ. I am very glad to receive your letters and to hear about you and many more things about Jesus. Once again, I am happy to write this letter. By the grace of Lord and your prayers me, my sister Sheela and my uncle's family are all safe and sound. I hope you are also doing well. here it is starting to get hot. Say hello to your students from our family. 

I am very glad to hear the story of Prodigal Son, because we had presented a small skit on this story during Christmas program and I played the role of that son. My favorite verse also same as yours from this story. (I think it's so cool he played the role in this story!)

I am also glad for encouraging verse, really we are precious to God than birds. God loves us very much and always wants best for us. Thank you so much for the other verses which you have written and sent on your hand print. Also, thanks a lot for the letter from God in our language. 

My school and study is going well. I'm studying in 5th class in this year. Very soon, I am going to take annual exam of this class. My best subject is Marathi and it is my favorite to study. 

My uncle and aunt are like dad and mom. We are all living very happily. Sheela's sponsor also writes letters to her. (I asked if his sister received letters) Once again, thanks a lot for doing everything for me. I love you very much, too. 

With Lots of Love,


Onto letter #2!


In Christ Dearest Taee (Taee - respectful term to address for an elder sister in Marathi)

Greetings to you. How are you and your students doing? Lots of hugs and kisses to all of you. First of all, I praised the Lord for this wonderful opportunity which God has given once again in my life to share with you. 

Here it is getting too much hot since last month and due to that it is difficult to go outside during the daytime. By the great love and grace of Lord and through your prayers, we are fine. 

A week before this, our annual exams finished and now waiting for result. 

I am very glad to receive your letters, stickers, and my photograph. Thank you so much for the letter, stickers, and birthday wishes. Also thanks a lot for encouraging words. I had celebrated my birthday at the project, only with all the children and parents. Our sir brought cake for us and we ate it and also sir prayed for us. We are using the plates for food and keeping vessels on the rack. At time of night I am using one blanket and my younger sister is using another one. (I asked him what he would do with the gifts he bought. I still don't know what vessels and a rack are, haha)

Once again, thanks a lot for your love for me. I would like to see snow someday in real. How did you make snowman! Finally, I request you to pray for my mom and siblings health and safety. I am also praying for them and you too. May God help you in your job and bless you. Take care

With Lots of Love,



  1. Kalpesh writes such great letters!! That is so neat that he's a young actor!! And I love how much attention he pays to your letters. I also enjoyed his detailed answer to your question about what he did with the gifts he bought! He's such a special young man!

    1. I love hearing how my letters were received. He pays such close attention. I know that I can put details in his letters because he will notice and respond. He's definitely a great guy to write to!