Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy 10th Birthday, Sandesh!

Last September, I, with the help of many people, sponsored Sandesh from India.

The journey I've been on with him, even in such a short time, has been absolutely amazing. In a time when I was struggling with trusting God and struggling to see how the Body of Christ really is in this world, God chose this opportunity to teach me, and others, what it means to trust and work together to serve in this world.

Since last September, every month of sponsorship has been given lovingly by people from all over the world. People that have fallen in love with Sandesh after looking at his beautiful, serene face. People who do not have enough money each month to sponsor another child, but still want to help out in some way. People that have answered the call from God to give of their resources to help another.

I know that I use the word amazing a lot, but there really is no other way for me to describe what has happened in this last 9 months. Seeing people come together for this precious boy is nothing short of a miracle.

And today, this boy turns 10 years old.

Dear Sandesh,
My precious boy. You are so loved. Not just by me, but by many people on this earth. But, even more that, God loves you so much. He has truly worked miracles and blessings in your life and the lives of so many people.
You describe yourself as a "Strong Christian" and I think that is wonderful. At such a young age to know exactly what you believe in and exactly who is in charge of your life, is a great thing to have. I pray that no matter what struggles and trials you go through in your life, you never let go of your faith.
I want to wish you a very special birthday. In the U.S, a 10th birthday is very special. You are a whole decade old now! Double digits, dude! If you were here, with my family, you'd have a cake with a big 1 & 0 on it. I can still remember my 10th birthday. It was very fun. I hope that you are also able to have a fun day and that you get to do something special.
I love you very much, Sandesh. May God bless you greatly.
- Kayla


  1. Happy Birthday Sandesh!!! Did you send this letter to him?

    1. Not yet, but I will! I have a round of emails that I'm going to write today, so I will definitely be sending this to him.