Thursday, June 6, 2013

Festivals and Holidays of Brazil

I received a template letter from Dafyne this week. I know that many people don't like these templates, but I really like them. Dafyne is only 5 years old. I feel like without these templates for her to fill out, I wouldn't learn much about her and how she is.

In this letter, I learned how she celebrated Christmas and New Years at her project and in her family. I think that's very interesting.

Here's the letter:


Festivals and Holidays in Brazil
1 My favorite holidays are: Christmas, New Year's Day, Easter, Children's Day (October 12th)
2. In the Christmas night: We get together for a Christmas feast and we got to our relative's house.
3. I like these dates because: My family gets together, we have different foods, and I get gifts.
4. At the project, we celebrate Christmas and New Years with: A special program, a special church service, the project serves a special meal/snack, and I get gifts.
Questions for my sponsor: How do you celebrate Christmas? Are there any other holidays in your country? What is your favorite holiday?
I think she likes getting gifts, don't you? :)


  1. I love that she was honest and said she likes gifts haha!

    1. Typical five year old. Brutally honest, haha.

  2. I also really enjoy the templates...for my kids who aren't great at answering questions, it helps me to learn so much more about them!! I love that she has 4 favorite holidays!! She's such a cutie! We just sponsored Gizelle and Estela from Daphne's project and I eagerly await letters from them!! I bet their all friends :)

    1. The template was actually a checklist and those four holidays were the only four choices. She simply checked them all.

      Congrats on your new girlies from BR-417. I bet my Dafyne knows them!