Sunday, June 9, 2013

The True First Letter from Solomon

My relationship with Solomon has had a pretty rocky start. I was assigned him as a correspondent child in November. A couple months later, his project closed down and he moved to a nearby project. I heard nothing from him or about him for over five months, until a couple of weeks ago when I got the My Friends template letter from him.

On Friday, I got the official First Letter Template from him. It's nice to know the basic information about him, his family, and his interests. Two letters in one month gives me hope for a good letter writing relationship between Solomon and me.


Hello, I am: Solomon
My Family
Mother's Name: Ruthpriya
Father's Name: Balati
Brothers: Praveen (Elder Brother)
Sisters: Esther (Elder Sister) & Sharadha Mary (Younger Sister)

My Favorites

Color: Yellow
Games: Football, Group Games, Hide-and-Seek
Food: Chicken Biriyani (Rice cooked with chicken and spices)
Best Friend: Dilip

My House Looks Like: Bricks

Dear Sponsor,

Greetings from India. I am Susan writing this letter on behalf of your loving child Solomon. Thank you very much for coming forward to help Solomon. He is studying in 1st grade. He enjoys playing group games and hide & seek games. His mother works as a maid servant and father is a coolie. With this little earning it's not sufficient to give a good education and other needs to the child. Your help will provide new hope to Solomon. Please pray for this family. Thanking you.

On Behalf of your Child,



  1. That's fun that you finally received the official first letter from Solomon! I love how your can learn so much about the kids' family members from the first letter. My husband would love Solomon's favorite color! And how neat to learn what his parents' jobs are!

    1. Hannah, you can find out what your kiddos' parents do for work too. This information is on your Compassion account. When you look at your child's info page, it should say their jobs at the very bottom of the page.