Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Surprise from Sagar!

Yesterday, I got a lovely letter from Sagar. This letter is wonderful, everything said is just lovely. And, there was a picture attached! Apparently, Sagar was able to buy a bike with some money that I sent him. I am so happy!

Side note, I heard from Sagar and Kalpesh (his letters were posted yesterday) exactly two months ago. Letters were received from both of them on April 15th. I think this means that India is officially on the writing every two month schedule. Yay!


Dear Kayla, 

Greetings to you in the sweet name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

I have received your letters and wishes. While I was reading the letters I become so happy. I was thinking that if I could be playing in snow with you. 

Now here, we have almost finished winter and entering into summer. My upcoming exam will come soon. So for that, I am studying very hard to get first rank. 

Since I have joined the project I am so happy to be there and learning new things about Jesus. Thanks for becoming my sponsor and helping me in such condition. Now, I go to the project everyday and learn good things there and I like to learn more. 

I want to say a big thank you for giving me a cool bicycle! 

Please pray for me and my family. Also pray for my studies so that I may score good marks in my exam. I am so excited to ride my bicycle and I thank God for you. God's peace abide with you. 

Your dear child, 

Don't you think he looks so much younger in this new picture than in his original one? I am always amazed at how much a calm attitude and a hint of smile can make a person look more like themselves. 

Side note, I love his chubby cheeks! My little teddy bear!



  1. Wow!!! What an incredible photo!! Your Sagar is so cute!! He looks very proud of his bike :)

    1. I was so surprised at the photo! I know that other sponsors from this project have sent financial gifts and have not received photos, yet. It's cool to receive a photo from him.

      I agree, he is so cute!