Sunday, June 23, 2013

Happy Birthday September Babies!

In my sponsorship family, I have three children with birthdays in September. My latest correspondent child, Nikko, has his birthday in September, but due to him being a brand new member of my family, I decided to forgo sending him a package (until I can find out his interests) and I sent him an email instead.

The other two children with September birthdays are Khushi and Gemechu.

(Sorry for the blurry photo!)

My pal Gemechu, from Ethiopia, will turn 12 on September 12th. The dot-to-dot and the maze are probably too young for him, but I think they are pretty cool and I'm 24, so that has to count for something. I think he's really going to like the car coloring page. 

My Indian princess, Khushi, will turn 10 on September 24th. I decided to send her some princess themed items. I think the color page is so cute. The castle maze is pretty complicated, so I hope she enjoys it. The little sticker cards are from a Dover book that I took apart. Khushi can dress Cinderella in the sticker clothes. 

I think putting together little birthday packages is a really fun thing to do. I always like to choose a theme for each child, each year. 

Do any of your sponsored children have birthdays in September? 


  1. My Basomingera Ada's birthday is September 10; I'm in the process of getting her things ready!

    1. Oooh, fun! What are you going to send her?

    2. I'm going to send her a little card with Jeremiah 29:11 written on it in her language, a customized coloring page of her name, the two photos I have of her with pretty frames, and I saw some really adorable pop-up cards at Carleton Cards the other day... other than that, I haven't decided!

    3. That sounds perfect! I always love the pop-up cards. There are so many choices. It's fun to get creative and see what you can find made out of paper to send. Have fun choosing!

  2. So fun!! I was just working on my September kids' birthday packets last night!! We have 3 September birthdays...our little Ethiopian guy, Feraol, is turning 6! And then we have two correspondents...Llederlys from the DR is turning 15 and Magreth from Tanzania is turning 16! I love getting birthday kits ready :)

  3. Love birthdays! :) My WV girl in Romania, Iuliana, is turning 14 in August. I'm sending her a paint by numbers kit since she loves art and drawing/painting. I hope she loves it!