Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Follow Along in Nicaragua!

The Compassion Bloggers are in Nicarauga! Right now!

Yes, those are probably obnoxious exclamation points, but I absolutely love following along with the posts when the bloggers go on these trips. The Compassion bloggers go on trips twice a year. On these trips, these  men and women get to experience Compassion's ministry firsthand. They get to see sponsored children, they get to meet parents/guardians of these children, they get to visit projects and see the work being done there, and they get to truly see the positive impact all of this hard work is making in the lives of people living in extreme poverty.

Each day, the Compassion bloggers, exhausted from the day, sit down to their laptops and write a blog post about what the experienced that day. They write about anything they want to. Anything that left a mark on their lives. They share happiness, sorrow, joy, good news, and absolute heartbreak. But most of all, they show you how Compassion is working right in the middle of all of this.

I want to encourage you to follow along with the bloggers on this trip. You can see all the posts compacted into one website:

Be sure to check back to this page everyday, as any new blog posts will be added to this list. If I were you, I wouldn't miss reading a single one. Seriously. They just got there and the first day blog posts are already amazing. These next few days are sure to be amazing as well! 

Let me give you a little sneak peak of these posts today. In my favorite style, this sneak peak will be in photos. If you think the photos are intriguing, you should read the blogs! 

A blog post from today that I really, really, really love is this one: Marco's Story, The Impact of Compassion on a Child . Check it out!

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